Rear (vent) Windows Operate Intermittantly, and Eventually Fail on Honda Odyssey

Rear vent windows not operating properly is a common problem with Honda Odesseys. The solution is to replace the window motors.

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Average mileage: 102,594 (10,000–205,000)
5 model years affected: 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003, more2004
25 people reported this problem
13 people shared problem details
2000 Honda Odyssey168,000
Happens intermittently. If they won't open/close, I try again at a later time and usually the problem is gone. i have had them stuck in open position when a rain storm came through, but the inside didn't get too wet so I really dion't worry about it. Hopefully they will never get permanently stuck in the open position!
Same issues. Rear vent windows have not worked for a few weeks. Today front windows stopped while at stop sign. Turned car off and then back on and windows worked.
2003 Honda Odyssey69,000
Both vent windows have failed. Used to be able to close the right by holding down switch and having other person push close. Now both stuck - left closed and right open. Can hear both clicking when switches depressed.
2004 Honda Odyssey110,000
They're working now, but didn't earlier this summer. Worked last year off and on.
2002 Honda Odyssey100,000
Known issue that Honda should have recalled.
2002 Honda Odyssey10,000
Rear windows were never good on my 2002 Ody. Failed while under warranty and then they worked, quit, worked and are now pretty dead. Just confirming the fact that these windows are a Honda Bust!
1995 Honda Odyssey205,000
I replaced both of them about 6 months after the last one died. Dealer wanted crazy money to replace them.
2002 Honda Odyssey110,000
Vent windows are stuck in the open position. Will not close.
2002 Honda Odyssey100,000
As described already by the masses.
2000 Honda Odyssey145,000
rear vent windows sometimes won't open
2002 Honda Odyssey113,000
Both window motors failed.
Rear windows would not always open or close. Dealer said needs new window motors for about $100. plus labor elected not to do had them disconnect window motors with windows in the closed position.
This is a well-known problem with the Odyssey. It happened to me, and I found detailed instructions on repairing the problem on the internet ( I have yet to complete the repair; they've been completely inoperable for four years now... maybe this weekend I'll get to it. ;)
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