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Rattle/Howl/Drone/Buzz Type Noise From the Rear of the Vehicle on Dodge Journey

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Rattle/howl/drone/buzz type noise, resonating from the rear of the vehicle may develop. This sound can be heard at approximately 2100 rpm and may only last for a few seconds. Our technicians tell us that exhaust clamps and brackets should be checked for proper torque and heat shield clearance should be inspected if this condition occurs.

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Dodge Journey Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 46,604 (21,000–78,000)
2 model years affected: 2009, 2010
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My journey is making a squeaking sound coming from the rear of the vehicle, was told my rotors was curoted, so my rotors got replace now I'm here today back at the dealer for the same problem, and it not the brakes casue the brakes are new, what can it be?!? I'm praying that this issue be resolved today... I've only had my journey for a month and I can't afford to be back forth to the dealer, I have 4children and we were excited for our journey. I pray this it end, until scheduled maintenance needs to be done.
My journey started making this scraping noise by the back left tire. It only makes the noise when I first start the car after its been off for a few hours. but its gradually getting worse. i just took it to a mechanic and they said it might be the fuel pump but they are not sure yet.
Exhaust howl or drone noise at 1,500 rpm with slight acceleration going up a slight incline or hill and shifting into 6th gear - speed about 40 mph.