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my name is Rod, and i been having this problem with my car. my car shake every time hit a speed bump, or pothole. it feels like the bottom of the car is going to come off. i want to change a couple parts but i don't know which ones to change, if you guys have any ideas of specifics parts to change, please help me.

I want to have someone install a engine for me

I Have a 2004 Volvo s80 and its not shifting properly, however, it does still drive including in reverse. It Pulls but, barely and when the car is pulling off from a stop, it takes a while to accelerate and drives slow. I have to reset it by turning it off and back on. I had it looked at by a shop and they told me, it needed a new transmission for 2,400$. Which is a lot of money. So I was wondering maybe if its possible a software update I'm seeing online will work to save me money. Please give me feedback if you are familiar with this.

Repair cost?

what does that mean ? is there a problem with transmission?

i have a 2002 volvo 2.4 s80 my abs. Had abs trac control warning lights.Had diagnostics it said faulty speed sensor,replaced it with anew one, warning lights are still coming on after driving for a mile or so and still showing on diagnostic.A guy who says he can repair the module said modules are programmed to each individual car. is this right?

No messages, no light on on dashboard. It happened a day after when mechanic guy changed O2 sensors and erased the triangle light on dashboard.The only thing that I've done was driving from the service shop to my home and the next morning I had this problem. One more detail, when you put in first it engaged very week and you can go to D but has no power.I towed it to the mechanic and He told me that they scanned it again but no codes at all and He is sure that is transmission problem. I have to admit they are not Volvo guys.
Thanks for spending time reading and understanding my problem, it will be a big help if someone has any experience.

The noise I hear at most all times sounds IDENTICAL to a car horn being muffled by insulation or towels. Seems to be coming from the firewall side of the engine/compartment.
Thanks and sorry for repeat question.

Hi. I just picked up a 2001 S80 29L. Love it for sure, except for the "note" or whine reporting loudly and consistently at all times while idling and basically anytime I'm not accelerating. Got a great deal on it, but feel I may just lose it if my new car continues to announce my arrival from a football field away.....
Saw similar issues/answers, just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to the cause: serpentine belt, pulley, intake, front exhaust????? It literally whines at approx full-grown womans' vocal capacity at a specific, consistent note always during idle and before accelerating, including pulling up to intersections and coasting. Thanks all.

Got catalitic converter changed 2. Months ago and its starting to bog down and lose power again sounds like something is in the tailpipe and stopping the ingine excelaration to sound more under the hood than through the tailpipe. and it also cutting out to almost a complete stop.

clock time changes every time I start the car; can't control the levels on the heat and air conditioning, miles driven once reset keeps changing once I stop and start car; radio will just bounce from channel to channel without me changing it

the car is in the driveway , did not overheat when I got home it, the fluids just ran out.

The AM reception has some interference or background noise. The FM and CD portions work fine. I replaced the rear window (with antennas) and that helped for about a week, but now the background noise is back. I noticed that Consumer Reports had a black circle under "audio" for my 2008 Volvo. Any ideas on what might be the problem here?

Presently, the car doesnt move at D,3, 2, 2,. Its jus the Park, Reverse and Neutral gears that are functional

I think I have problems with my front suspension. It's very noisy over bumps. At last tire rotation, my service guy said that my front shocks were starting to leak and that I would probably have to replace them soon. As long as I'm doing that, is there any other stuff I should replace at the same time? Thanks.

i can forward pictures of the damaged part and parts area if that helps with providing an answer, but will need email and/or number to text to

the noise goes away after driving for a while. It is not making a noise when I shut off the car only when left overnight. I just purchase the car and not familiar with Volvos

The transmission has 200k miles. It has been running fine. Started slipping 5K miles ago. The transmission would then act like it is in Neutral no matter what gear you shift into. NO reverse or drive. Shut off wait a few minutes then it will work again. I changed fluid and filter. This helped for about 2500 miles. It is doing it again. Anyone have any possible reasons this is occurring? The transmission fluid looks fine. Nothing out of the ordinary when it was flushed the last time.

While i was driving with a/c on and fan on it suddenly stopped blowing. There no noises.

It feels as if the car is in neutral position...shifting to 3 and 2 works and I am able to drive slowly and as if the car is in pain. One week ago, I had an oil change and topped off all the fluids. I noticed since then that coolant was leaking.

Any suggestions, please. Thanks

Radio and lights work...could it still be a dead battery or do you think I need new ignition swith?

I'm being told that there is oil leaking into the catalytic converter but they are unable to determine from where. Any suggestions?

I had transmission rebuilt about 17 months ago. At the time the check engine light was on showing the transmission was faulty. Now I get this other code 0099 Control Module Internal Fault.