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I bought the vehicle cheap because I was told it needed a new transmission. It drove when it was cold, but sounded as if it was going to shut off. I brought it to Aamco to have a Free Multi point check. I was told a further inspection was needed which i had to pay $191, in which they said it backfired. They changed the 02 Sensor, then said it overheated and they filled coolant, and it overheated again. They then wanted to do an RDI which cost me another $850. The final concclusion was that the radiator was leaking coolant into the transmission fluid which damaged parts in the transmission that needed to be replaced. Needed a transmission rebuild and radiator and thermostat replacement which would cost me over $4000. This seems extremely high, is this a reasonable amount for that?
I have been fixing my Volvo a little at a time due to finances. I have replaced the rack and pinion and the air filter. And the fuel pump. When I drive her for longer than thirty minute the console and shift area get very hot but She doesn't run hot but yesterday she sprung a gas leak and I can't find the source. I had filled her up and put some Lucas fuel injector cleaner in as well. Drove about 3 miles and parked and saw the gas running out at the bottom. I waited for the gas to dry and the leak to stop. She was still on full and I drove her home. Not she cuts on but when sitting in idle she acts like she wants to cut off but doesn't.
60000 service coming up which includes replacing spark plug.Cost is a factor which one should have priority?
3 codes of pedal no communication.
1 code boost pressure no signal.
1 code BCM no communication
Is there anyone other than the dealer that can do this?
The remaining cylinders are all about the same and the compression is reasonable for the miles (155 PSI not warmed up) I know I have a valve problem or piston issue. Problem is the head needs to come off to resolve. Even if it is the valve problem lesser of the 2 issues. I'm leaning toward changing the engine out for one with lower miles. I have had 0 issues with this car since I bought it in 07 with 15K miles. The car is still in good shape everything works. I normally do everything myself timing belts/brakes/tunes ups/PCV system. I feel like I can change the engine myself but I'm curious what it would cost me to have someone else do it?
I must add about a cup of fluid every day but it is increasing. My check engine will come on and I get a message to pull over and add coolant asap. Temperature gage doesn't indicate engine getting hot. I had to replace radiator, transmission connectors for hoses in and out of radiator, flushed and added new coolant.
Wrong with it ppc pgc either one not exactly sure yet but how much do these repairs cost and do u think I'm paying too much with these issues
What problems should I beware such as how often should the timing belt be replaced, front end bearings, etc?
But i dont know how many parts, i'm seeing so many kits and each one has one more item then the other, Please help thanks
this goes worse the longer car is driven oil is very dark goes very thin when hot got codes0100 control module faulty signal 503d diagnostic trouble in gearbox control module
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