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significant wind noise approaching higher speeds--appears to be coming from the windshield area. is a prob on our 98 as well.

I have had my s70 to several shops and now it is down to the #1 cylinder has no compression. How much and how long do you think it would take to replace a benr valve

The rediator was replace but coolant continues to link.

How hard is it to replace the front motor mounts on a Volvo S70 1998.( Non Turbo )

Power antenna won't move. I can hear the motor running when the radio is turned on or off, but the antenna doesn't move. I've tried lubricating the antenna, and can move it manually, but the automatic doesn't work. Any suggestions?

check engine light to illuminate,code P0116

It always starts eventually but it never used to do this before. If the car has been driven and warmed up then it will start right away. It is only after it has been sitting that it will not turn over right away without pressing on the accelerator.

I just changed the upper and lower o2 sensor and the check engine light is still on........what might be the alternative problem?

the oil leaks from the top of the engine into the spark plug causing misfire. i want to know what might cause this to happen and how i can fix it.

When the car has been sitting awhile especially while it is cold it does not want to start right away. The fault in the automatic gearbox light comes on but then the car will finally start after hesitation. When the car is driven and warmed up, starting it is not a problem. The vehicle only has 88000 miles on it.

Will I need to temp. remove power steering pump to get at the old alternator?

Car will not start. Has a new battery, checked to make sure it is getting spark...and even replaced old plugs - needed new ones anyway...checked and the car is getting gas.

Not sure where to turn, I have a new bat, spark and it's getting gas.

The car will just turn over but never fire.

Any ideas what to check next?


i have a 1998, volvo s70 turbo with aniratic idle after car is warm. have replaced mas,iac,fuel relay, checked for leaks,full tune-up,has been to two different machanics, no

I just picked up a 2000 Volvo S70 AWD 2.4L. It has 3 transmission P codes. P0756 Shift Solenoid (B) Performance or Stuck off; P01618 Fault in lead between AW 50-52 and Motronic 4.3; and P0740 Torque converter clutch solenoid circuit. Does anyone know if we can just swap solenoids like in a VW or does the entire transmission need to be rebuilt or replaced. Thanks in advance.

There is something that is rolling around in the back passenger side wheel area that sounds like a bowling ball. I thought it might be something in the trunk or the spare tire area, but this was not the case. Any ideas what this could be?

When replacing front brakes on a 1999 S70 Volvo, is it always necessary to replace the rotars as well?

what would be an estimated cost to have these repairs done
Radiator is leaking from the right side tank
-Hose to water pipe is leaking
-Oil cooler hoses are leaking oil
-Rear cam seals are leaking
-Power steering delivery hose from pump to rack is leaking
-Right rear trailer arm anchorage is brown
-Auxiliary drive belt is cracking
-Front struts are getting weak
-Air guide is missing

Is there a way to shut off the service engine light without having to pay the dealer an exorbinant price? I changed the oil myself and want to turn off the light. The dealer charges $70 just to shut the light off.

My Volvo has been driving fine, but suddenly seemed to have a dead battery yesterday, after being in a restaurant for a few hours. We jumped the battery with no problems, but by the time we had driven home, about 10 miles, smoke was pouring out of the engine. It appears that oil has spewed all over the engine, but we cannot determine where the leak is. The car will not start again. As it is New Years day, I have been unable to contact my usual repair people, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what's happening here. Thank you.

I change coolent and engine act like it jump time on spark timing

I want to know the cost of new or fairly used volvo S70 engine.

During some exceleration and during some susutained RPM's the Check engine light will flash and then read as a P0300 code. While observing the engine under run when the code flashes the Fuel System 1 will display OL Fuel sys Fault then OL fule sys drive. Then the engine will idle fine and the light will no longer flash.

So someone barely hit my rear right tire; there was no body damage, but the tire is slightly tilted. This is the FWD model. The car still drives up to 30 mph, but beyond that it's hard to control. I drove it to a shop and the mechanic said the control arm was indeed bent. When replacing this, what else do I need to replace between the control arm and the wheel in order to ensure a proper fix?

my reservoir tank empties out real fast and my car putputs alot when you turn it on. it is also blowing white smoke. could it be the timing belt and water pump need to be changed? no one wants to work on a volvo what is the estimate cost?

My battery died willout and about and I got a jump now my dash has flashing arrow and in winter/wet gear , I ried moving shifter back and forth but still in low any suggestions?

help! my volvo just stalled and wouldnt start back up, i suspected a dead battery so i replaced it. drove about 3 miles and car started to lose power and stalled again. will a bad battery prevent car from running or should alternator handle this? oh yea, im showing the ets light is on. not sure if that has anything to do with it. please help!

i need puctures of timming belt marks
for 200 volvo turbo S70

I have over 100,000 miles on my car and it is running great. I am wondering how important it is to get the timing belt replaced. The Volvo dealer in our area is not very good and I worry that they might make things worse.

The cruise control stopped working. The car has 127,000 miles on it and runs great. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Im having a problem with my gauges working Intermittent.
The Speed, Fuel, RPM and Temp Gauges do not work most of the time.
They will come on, randomly for a few min then just die again.
I replaced the ABS moduel with a "repaired one" because i was told this might be the cause.