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like power windows where are they
does my 2000 Jetta have an indicator light for transmission
When the car should shift into second the engine just reeves and will not shift. It stays in first gear...
when I accelerated it cuts at 2500 rpm or when I try to exceed the 120 kilometers per hour it doesn't work ( it cuts)
When it doesn't start I tap on the relay box on the tight hand side rear of the engine I think it's called the engine control module and spray contact cleaner and let it dry and it will start fine for a few days then it will do it again should I switch the relays?
This light came on when I stopped at a light. My car jerked, then drove normally. I had been driving on the highway about an hour or so before exiting and stopping.I tried to post a picture of the light, but it will not paste in this comment. the light is constant, not blinking. Is it safe to drive my car? the light looks like a little engine, no words on it.
Do have a list of the possible troubleshooting reasons these codes are showing. I read what they meant online. just trying to finding possible fixes
All the shops around say that it requires special tools and they can't or won't get them what tools does it require to fix it?
i tought it was the crankshaft pulley and i replace it but it didn't work. i also replaced the tensor pulley
my jetts is in shop getting some front end body repairs, they had to disconnect ac condenser, when they reconnect gas lines does it require a special sealent on the connections or not.
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