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At what point should i change my timing belt. How many miles i mean.
The water coolant has the presence of transmission oil we're looking for the oil cooler for its not in the radiator like some other car
Following a cooling hose fitting crack that sprayed the whole engine with coolant, the car was running fine. After replacing two hose fittings & the thermostat, the car started to run erratically with reduced power & a knock. Code showed P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire) & P0304 (cylinder 4 misfire). I replaced the plugs, wires & coil pack, but the problem still remains. In addition to the above codes, it is reading P0300 (random multiple cylinder misfire) & P0102 (powertrain - mass or volume air flow circuit low input). Can you help me to determine where to look next? Fuel injection system? Vacuum system??
Brakes squeaking
Like the hatchback door locking every time you close it or the auto door locks when you hit a certain speed??
Hope all is well with you? Have a little issue with the car, need some input. The other while driving I tried to put the car in 5th gear and it just will not go. Good thing I was getting near to a stop light and I put in neutral, so I put it in 1st but when I tried to pull off it car was going in reverse. lol. I stopped put it in neutral and tried again, same thing. Tried again and it went into gear. But each time I tried to put the car in 5th I would get the same problem, any suggestions.
Battery is brand new (just bought 2 weeks ago) started fine on sat and then on weds battery was dead. put cables on and it juiced right up but wouldn't continue turning over to the point of starting..
Well here's my dilemma... I drive a golf mk1 2l 8v turbo, the car was overhauled 2 weeks back... Today I saw my no 4 injector leaking from the rail, so I bought new injector seals and closed it up tight with no leaks! I drove 10km's with it and then I could hear busting noises in my exhaust, it wasn't so bad at first, now its missfiring, but when u floor it, it seems to go smoothly until u back of the gas then it misses again... Please note the car has new cambelt, new fan belt, the coil and everything works, we checked the plugs and even put new plugs ... It ran smoothley at first for like the first 5km's then it started to miss... The car starts on the turn without touching the gas and idles. Only when I press the gas then it starts to miss fire... The injectors can't be blocked since when I really press it, it doesn't missfire anymore... There is a strong fuel smell coming from my exhaust... I'm not sure I
f the car needs to be dyno'd to set the air/fuel ratio again? Please help.
Don't have manual to check fuses. Besides fuses what else could it be? Help!
It takes up to 5 seconds to start. Someone mechanics says that is some kind of sensor that need to be changed and other says it is normal for Diesel engine to take up to 5 second to start.
check engine light is on also, but I'm not sure if that's related. Used ODB scanner and got error codes:
P0134 - Powertrain
P0341 - Powertrain
P1128 - Powertrain
P0139 - Powertrain
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