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I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes. When I reconnected, the engine would start, run but not idle.
What could be the cause?
butterfly valve does not open fully
butterfly valve does not open fully
Last year I was coming down from the hills after a job I finished. There is a light rain so the road is was wet. A car in front of me and two behind me. Were going about 20 mph. All of a sudden I hear like a pop and hissing sound. It scared the shit out of me. I must have panicked because I locked up my brakes and spun aroundI ended up with two flat tires on the same side. This was before the latest airbag recall for passenger side front airbag. Is this going to be a recall sometimwe in the future? After someone gets killed? I could have easily been killed. 4,000 feet elevation. I asked dealer about it. There3 are no recalls on this item. But they want to keep my truck for a month and run tests on it. lol Yeah right. And just miss work. So I am driving around with A headliner blown out and a seatbelt drawn up so tight I had to cut it to get out of my truck. Of course I don't want to get my insurance company involved If I dont have to. The seatbelt alone is $300. then two tires, headliner,
My tundra developed a small squeak at front of engine that continued to get louder...The parts store guy said it was one of two pulleys and best to replace both at same time...any thoughts or advice?
I'll go to start it and only makes clicking sound. I'll give a couple more tries and it will start with no issues. It will be fine for awhile then make the same clicking sound when I go to start it. Any suggestions on what the issue could be?
when i connect
we just replaced the thermostat and now its leaking around it. Pepboys says its going to cost $475 to repair and I just think thats alot for a leak.
Prices for Converter are ridiculously hi. I find some for as little as $132 with $500 being top end. Prices I have from Toyota Dealerships run $1300 plus to $1500 plus. What is an honest price for part and labor.
I am afraid I know the answer but I do not know this model truck very well. Happened on highway at about 45 mph lost all water , radiator steaming, engine lost power. and shut down. Starter turns engine over quite rapidly making no unusual noises but will not start.
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