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or this is the part I think I need
Toyota T100 1996-1998 Relay Integration Box Module Computer ECU 82641-34010
I installed a DVMotorsport gas saver and after one tank of gas My truck stays in low gear , and the low gear is light up on the dash , and the seat belt light stays on unless I shift into low,. And the shifter still moves through all the gears, is it this part and is there a way to test this electronic box ? ? ? ? and I am thinking the gas save module I put on cause all this ,. I feel i should get my money back from them plus the cost of what ever replacement I find, What do you think
will it work
engine light stays on all the time
has 344,000 miles, runs great till this started. Shop doesn't know what to do. Is TPS the same as Throttle Valve (TV)? Any suggestions? Seems electric. Only does it when warmed up well.
Has error code P0755. Replaced solenoid and vehicle speed sensor harness. New fluid and filter too. shifts from 1st to 4th. Won't shift into 2nd or 3rd when warm, about 35 miles then problem starts. Let it cool down for a few hours and it is fine again.
Timing belt was replaced about 40k miles ago. In the past when I have tried to start it, it would crank for a second and then cut off but would crank on the next try. This time when I cut it off and tried to crank it again it ran for a second and then cut off. Now it will only turn over and not crank
I replaced starter. It has a manual transmission. What do I do next. Please help.
I love my work truck but it lacks powe when it get hot. Also the heat from the motor seems like its going inside the cab of the truck but it doesnt over heat the temp neddie does work it never goes passed the middle
I am afraid I will break my key off in the lock. I don't know where to poke with my screwdriver
my 1997 Toyota T100 won't shift to 4x4 the shifter get stuck. check engine code P0770.
I have had my 1993 toyota t100 for 6 years and just found out about the recall is there a time limit or can i still have them fix it. Or how does it work Thanks
Will restart only after engine cools down and air temp remains below 60. CEL has not come on.
when I'm driving it at first it runs really good in the morning as soon as I shut it off and start it back up it doesn't want to shift
I have been having an issue with my t100 not wanting to go into overdrive when regular driving or trying to pass into another lane. I can activate the overdrive manually at the gear shift with a press of a button but cannot activate it when pressing the gas petal to gain speed on hills and pulling my boat. Any clues on why? Thanks
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