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Am in Nigeria and want a reliable mechanic
The sienna costumes alot of gasoline
It started yesterday out of the blue. I can start the car and it immediately drops in idling power and shuts off. It will not stay on. when i put the key in the start position before ignition, there is a whirring sound for two seconds. I really need help as this is my only car. It is a 2001 toyota sienna minivan.
The EVAP code 440 was returned. Did a smoke test and found a plastic valve on top of the gas tank is leaking. Very hard to get to and because of the age and rust this is going to be a bigger job than it should. Cannister and other valves OK. Anyone else encounter this?
My 2008 Toyota Sienna LTD was running smoothly. While driving home from vacation suddenly the check Engine light and VHS light came on (after about 60 miles run on the day). Within 10 min I stopped at rest area. While I was parking, a white smoke was coming and steering was getting hard to move. Later, I found, the radiator was out of coolant. The car was not getting started. After adding 2 bottle of water in the radiator reservoir, finally the car was started and I was back on highway to take next exit to add coolant. But within 10 min Check Engine light & VHS light came back and car slowing down and was making noise while pressing accelerator. The car stopped in the exit ramp and later towed to Firestone. They expected head gasket issue and estimated 5k and Toyota dealer estimated 8k. I towed the car at home and added I gallon of coolant. The car is not getting started. I found the spring & broken rubber part of Radiator cap underneath the radiator cap while opened.
I am very disappointed for this situation though I really loved this van & all it's features and planned on keeping it another 5 years based on Toyota's 200,000 mile reliability. But now, I am not sure whether it is worthy to fix it. Is Toyota is responsible to this head gasket issue or there should be a recall to fix the issue? I would never buy any of the Toyota vehicles.
How do I open the door to remove the door to cut the cable so I can use thew door manually
the digits on the clock will jump and dance around like crazy. The time is always wrong. Every now and then the radio will change stations by it self.
The module was burnt together with the electrical plug in a short. I am trying to get the new module unit but it has been impossible. Hope you can help me. Thank you. Toyota Previa 2007 VIN: JTEGD54M77A000803 engine number: 2AZ2622465. Part number 4405028270.
love my van and it runs beautifully, just want to keep it that way.
anyone try this or know if it will work, Toyota highlander engine to Toyota sienna. Any aider please
maby bad bearings.t belt replaced 84k mi,it has 111k now...
Sometimes when I put my key in I have to jiggle it around for minutes and then suddenly it allows me to turn the key and start the car.
With front end alignment.
Cylinder #3 & #6 don't park misfire, we thought timing belt we replace/water pump/crank shaft censor and hydraulic pump cylinder, problem still the same, any aider please
I can no longer start my 1998 Toyota Sienna van. Sorry I disregarded the engine warning light. The car now won't start. Has only 110,000 original miles; original owner.
What do you suggest.
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