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What would be the cause for a car to crank but wont start
it will barely move. it goes into gear. could it be clutch slave cylinder? or is it definite clutch replacement
Engine & battery lights came on and stayed on.
Im not too familar with transmissions, and would like to get a general idea as to what i might be looking to pay to have it replaced. (i understand price would vary depending on which shop i go to.) thanks for any info given!
Ok so I just replaced the clutch in my 96 celica, it took me a few weeks seeing as I work long hours. Well I completed it just to find it still isn't turning over. So I checked the fuel pump to see if it was spitting gas and it wasn't so I replaced that just to find it still isn't turning over, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Sometimes when driving the gear slips after 2nd causing rpm to go high as if it's in neutral. I'm not sure exactly what it is, clutch, broken gears, or anything else.... anyone have similar issues and know how to fix?
I just had the transmission replaced and have had to take it back 5 times in 6 month period. The bearings dropped out and the mechanic repaired but now the speed odometer runs faster than the car is running. Why
Car wont start with just the turn of the key like it should BUT if I spray starting fluid in the throttle body and then turn the key it'll start right away and stay on and be driveable.
At beginning, It use to run for kms than shut off, it would restart and do some more kms but as the time pass, it get worst and now it only start for 3 secondes and stop, it always start good. I check for codes, nothing, I unplug the gas line before the rail and I stated with gas spraid in the intake and I fill a gallon of gas in about a minute, it run as long as a spray gas in the intake. Thank you for your help in advance
Checked for Intake air leaks - None
Replaced front heated oxygen sensor
Cleaned fuel injectors
Checked for Exhaust gas leaks - none
Checked fuel pressure - good
Cleaned Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor
Checked Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) hose connection - no leaks
I am at a loss for what to do next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Last owner let car rust to near death. Would be greatly appreciated for a diagram from front to back for gas and brake lines. I seem to have 2 rear brake lines and 3 gas lines. Line tubes range from 3/16" , 1/4" , & I think 3/8" maybe.
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