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my car smokes white upon start up.
head resurfaced, copression the same all cylinders turns over no start seems to have both spark and fuel
it has to be electrical but I changed the battery the alternator is good and so is the starter
just noticed it last few days. I check brake fluid level ok, but the power steering fluid level is minimum, could this be the reason. tks
a bout two years ago i got a new battery from autozone. a year later i took my car to firestone for an oil change. they told me i needed a new battery. I THOUGHT they were trying to sell me a battery i didn't need. then i noticed that acid was building up on my battery the positivre post and the wire leading to the positive post. the engine light came on. i took the battery back to autozone and they said nothing was wrong with the battery. 5trA FEW MONTHS Ago the car wouldn't start. the acid had eaten the wire and the clamp on the positive post. on august 17, 2013 i took the battery back to autozone and they finally replaced the battery with a new one. now about a month later the engine light came on again aqnd acid is building up on the battery again. i do not think i got two consecutive bad batteries from auto zone. i think it might be something else?
all the time blows oil from under valve cover gasket builds up pressure
have replaced pvc valve building up pressure ?
Tranny doenst catch into gear. Shift smoothly but tranny not catching any of it gear. Replaced with use tranny bout 160,000 miles, trans filter and dex3 fluid. Have 3 guys check out the work. Everything done and hook up correctly that we know and can see. What else can the problem be? Torque converter bad?
On RepairPal's catalytic converter page, it says the dealership/shop that says my converter has failed should also find out why it failed b/c the root of the problem is something else. Well, the dealership says this isn't true, there's no way to find out why it failed (unless the car shows a diagnostic code for another failed part), and that early failure (i.e. less than five yrs) is generally due to use of an after-market (i.e. non-Toyota) part or neglect of the vehicle. They said there's nothing else I could do to prevent future failure of the converter. Who's correct?
If there is anyone else having this problem, this link may be of use although currently there is no resolution to the issue
Hey everybody I am having a problem with the car. It runs great but lately, when I am driving and want to accelerate at about 40mph (I don't mean stomping on it, just typical normal driving), it bucks and stutters and really doesn't want to accelerate. It's an intermittent issue but has been happening more frequently and has begun to happen when at red lights and stop signs--doesn't sound like a stall-out but just not grabbing-on for a few seconds. It's the same when I try to replicate it when in neutral but not as obvious. Any clues?

I am going to do plugs and wires asap. Idles smooth and always starts right up (besides the starter on its way out a little bit).
move at all, flushed trans. fluid, replaced filter, and car now moves again but still has problems shifting/slipping, trans. does catch up eventually but still has same problem, just not as bad, wondering if this has something to do with the solenoids sticking, valve body blocked not allowing enough pressure in trans. to function right, or sensors?
Just bought this car a month ago, haven't had any other problems. Battery had died and my dad boosted it off and this is when we discovered the problem.
the springs are off do you have to replace the whole door actuator
noise just pushing on rear bumper
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