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I believe I can use a wire across two terminals on the Diagnostic box un der the hood , then turn on the ignition and count the flashes on the engine light , I would like to know which two terminals .

My car hasn't had a service in quite awhile and is running very poorly.Aside from replacing a couple of sensors and the EGR valve,absolutely (besides oil changes)nothing has been done.Due to my negligence,I'm considering selling as is and buying another car.I feel like a traitor because this car has been nothing but good to me.I know this isn't very specific.Its just running BAD!!

what could have broken


I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS and it has a V6 in it. It has 240,456 miles on it. I am the third owner. The tranny fluid/screen has never been replaced. It is now a real dark red/brown. It does shift just a little late. If there any expect Toyota tranny experts out there. Or others with a view I would like to here from you to. What would you do if this was your car. In closing. I do have enough money aside to get a newer car.

When I had oil changed on 6/4/15 service man asked me if I had changed my timing belt, it was cahnged in 2009 alon w/ water pump as preventitve measur. I was told the bearing in water pump bad and caused the timing belt to become frayed and makeing sqeeking noises. They replaced my spark plugs because they had carbon on them? now cannot get car started? talking about replalcing 12 valve, when they said ONE may have gotten bent? I am not at a Toyota dealer because I only have a CC for Firestone and at the limit. I need help, asap. I am worn out.
They are suppose to look at it again Mon 7/6/15 and I have to do something.
Thanking you in advance with any advice.

i changed the #1 coil with another coil and got the same result what could the problem be?

Toyota service says this is not under warranty? Why? Cost to repair is quoted at $370.(wasn't given option to select Corolla in above model slot)

left side blinker flashing to fast

left side blinker not working

blinker left side not flashing

When I start it it knocks and bogs out and white smoke billows out the tailpipe I can't even shift gears without killing it

Dealer stated need for steering panel replacement

Dealer stated I need replacement of steering rack??

All but the driver's side door lock quit working either by pushing the button or using the remote. I was told it was the ECU and needed to be replaced. How difficult is it to do it yourself? It looks pretty easy in how to manuals. Also how much should it cost to have someone else do it? Or is this not likely the cause of this problem?

Why not add a can of GumOut?

the pass. side works find, the driver side just blow out warm air. everthing seems too work ok except the cooling of air on the driver side. thank you jerry

My automatic key unlocks every door but the driver side. I have to unlock it manually. Then when i start my car and put it into gear the alarm sounds. I have to only open the drivier side door make sure no other doors unlock so then i can drive without the alarm sounding whats the problem do i need a new battery for the key?

How to repair a stuck rear window shade

happens 25-35 mph over average small bumps on city streets. turn radio up almost halfway to drown out annoying bumpty-bump noise. could it be struts and springs. Car has 120,000 k

Replaced wiper motor and now wipers don't park all the way down. They also go down and hit the cowl before traveling up and don't travel all the way to the edge of the windshield. How do I adjust them correctly?

no codes showing the longer I drive the tighter they grab