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Starts very well, runs very smooth at idle.

have spark, gas goes to the cylinds, compression is good what next

All doors, incl. the back swing gate door, fail to operate in damn cold temps....(I live in Alaska). If I manage to get one open, it wont latch closed---the latch mechanism is frozen. If I am lucky enough to get in, and start the car to warm it up, it will eventually thaw and operate. Grrr! How frustrating! No, I do not have a garage :(

the miss is at idle and doesn't appear under acceleration. You can feel it at a low rpm with little throttle preasure about 20/25 mph with no load. I you go to full throttle to pass etc the engine power is god and has no missing felt

but won't start its getting fuel but no spark has 158000 miles on it where do I start to fix the problem

Help me. I had no problems with all gears 1-2-3-4-5-& R before changing out to the new shifter. I now only have the lower gears 2-4-& Reverse.
How did I go wrong? The old shifter kept popping out and no shifting ability at all.
vin. # 2S3TA01C9M6402262, 5DFK-625---1991 / 10-1990, ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION, 1.6 L ENGINE-4 CYL.-8 VALVE

when you press the pedal down and start to go it has no power until it hits 2nd gear feels like its smothering out

where is the harness connection for the fuel pump wiring?

we have a '95 Suzuki Sidekick JX...& found a '94 model & was going to try using the TPS to see if this was the actual problem...if its interchangeable...

I own a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick Sport JLX 1.8L. I replaced the battery and terminal clamps to fix the power loss. It turns over now but wont run. My uncle says it may be the fuel pump not working or possibly the fuel shut off if it has one.

I saw a post here before and wanted to know where did you find the replacement parts to fix this.

Just noticed today

This is 1989 Suzuki sidekick 2 door 5 speed 4x4

I thought maybe miss fire but I did a complete tune up. but engine is still shaking.

I have changed the fuel filter already

power up blue/black tracer wire at fuel pump relay will start and die 10seconds-no fire at plugs unless doing same at relay

pedal is depressed. Should it start if the pedal is on the floor and the cable is not connected? Switches on pedal are all working. Anything else in line? Fuel pump runs but starter won't spin. Happened when weld broke on clutch pedal.

where can I find the upgraded clutch pedal? My weld broke as well

Seems tyo misfire in higher gears when approaching 50 mph with erratic idling.

when I turn the key lights come on but wont turn over

It starts up and the engine is fine. If it sits for about a hour it will run fine for about 20 minutes and then it will begin to shake and lock up again.

Cam sensor code but i put new distrubtor in it.

You vitara Sport 4 x 4 automatic. Engine stays in low as if you not raise force and I would like to off. Previously I turn off and will change all the spark plugs and the sensor cooling and sent.

i need to replace the expansion valve and the evaporator core

it will run good for about 30 sec and then the light pops on and it runs like its not getting gas you can hit the gas pedal or nothing thanks

its got an standard transmission ,engine is a four cylider 1.6lt

This occurs while I am driving. The brake pedal becomes stiff and I am unable to depress it all. Brakes are A.B.S.

How to tighten a loose outside rearview mirror?