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pull the fuse
no fuses are blown, the air system is still connected, when you put the car under load it bogs like it's getting to little fuel, or to much air, the RPMS drop as soon as you throttle whether in neutral or in gear, it will loose RPMs so much it it will drop below idle and the car will stall and shut down.
gas smell is pretty strong. not exhaust fumes. im asuming when in motion the smell is being left behind cause of air and speed
Dealership here quoted $500 to repair both front half axles. Trying to figure out if that is toward the high end or the low end . Page on repair pal said $280-$534, but I wasn't sure whether that price was for one half axle or both.
Thank you
The Subaru dealer mechanic said both headgaskets leaking, inner axle boot cracked, and timing belt must be replaced, cost of $2000. If I fix these, how much longer before I face other major problems/major costs? Should I keep repairing, or bail out now?
Only happens when I drive. My husband doesn't think its an issue.

leak cause
front crankcase seals or oil pump?
set the marks on both cams and crank and nothing it will crank but does not run i have set it a few times and nothing, any ideas or tricks to it
The boots do have small cracks along the seams and there is some leakage. But I have not experienced any ill symptoms. Is this enough to justify a repair
bill of $900 ?
Current mileage is 137,000 miles. What is the downside of leaving them as they are. My funds are pretty limited, and I would like to get another year or two out of this fine car.
Started as a belt squeal and quickly became a lot worse it's not tac unit and soudns like it's coming from the bottom pulley
Low speed fender bender. Cracks along top of rear bumper
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