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No problems yet I only have 38800 on my car right now, I was just planing ahead

ecu is fine, crank, and cam sensors new, new battery and wires, still no spark at the coil, at all. Any ideas?

how fast must car be going for airbag to deploy have there been any sudden acceleration issues

My Subaru has overheated twice in 6 months.
I have flushed the coolant twice, after each overheat instance.

altenator tested ok,but for some reason the battery is not being charged,cleaned all connections ,battery ok, grounds ok,could it be the ignition switch?

Engine starts & runs as normal. After many miles, engine stumbles a the top going up a long steep hill. Garage says spark plug. I say computor only recognizes electrical problems. I suspect fuel pump, computor, or the twin coils.

I have had this happen to two of our cars, our 1991 Toyota Camry and now the '99 Subaru Legacy. At work we have a parking garage that first of all isn't very roomy and requires some back and forth with the car to pull out of the parking space, and then the main exit has an approx. 10 ft. steep ramp up to the street where you most of the time have to stop for busy traffic at rush hour. Our Camry is old and falling apart but it worked fine till I parked here, then it started making ventilating noises and wouldn't accelerate. It died at the traffic light but was easy to get going again. Now it won't accelerate to over 40 mph - I took it to Midas and had them flush the fuel line thinking it was clogged with gunk that was moved about from the steep slope. It can be driven and works OK but not over 40 mph. I now use our Subaru for hwy driving but it too is having enging knocking sounds - why would that ramp be causing so much damage?

I hadnt jacked it up yet. are the wheel bearings bolted or do they have to be pressed out?

my subaru is blowing the fuse when i start the car. i can change it get it started but it blows and i have to replace it to restart the car.

when tring to start after replacing headgaskets the 4-ways flash and instrument panel flashes also as soon as the battery is hooked up

I've had my Subaru for a year with no problems and all of a sudden this week I now have severe, oscillating noise/interference on my audio system that is directly tied to how fast I am going. When I go slow, the interference wipes out the audio - when I'm going faster the oscillation is so fast that I can still hear. When I stop, it goes away completely. It doesn't start immediately when I turn the car on - it takes a while so i'm wondering if something is overheating (electronics) causing this?

The drivers side automatic shoulder belt has quit working. The attachment which slides on the door slots, is stuck in the middle area. The manual crank located low on the door post, and operated with the supplied allen wrench, does not work either- it feels jammed. Any ideas? Cost to repair?

I was wondering if you may be able to help us diagnose a problem with a 96 Subaru Legacy Station Wagon. My friend in Kentucky owns this car. Have had it hooked up to 5 computers and they all say nothing is wrong. Will not start consistantly. It will sometimes start 6 or 7 times in a row, then not start for weeks. If and when is does start it runs perfectly. These parts have been replaced according to Subaru books troubleshooting section. Fuel Pump, Ignition, Coil Pack, ECH Control Module, Coolant temperature sensor, Crank shaft sensor, Throttle position sensor.
Sometimes when you keep trying to start it, it will finally start. That is if you don't flood it first!!!!!

Thanks for your time.
A friend trying to help a friend in desperate need.
Debra Venable

while driving down the road my car just dies rarly will it sputter and die it usually just dies and usually starts right back up but sometimes it just turns over and over and over. i have a new fuel pummp and fuel filter on the car. but when it doesnt start and just turns over if i take the line off the fuel filters out side and squirt out some fule into a gas can the car will start right back up and run for a while but will ultimatly die again

The turn signals and the hazard light quit working on our 93 subaru legacy, we have check the fuses and are stumped as to what may be the cause of this issue.

I have a 1993 subaru legacy non turbo and it dies while driving on the road. Normaly it just straight up dies but from time to time it sputters but rarly. I have a new fuel pump and fuel filter. And it still dies. Here's the kicker, when it dies and doesn't want to start (sits there and turns over) I take the gas line off the out side of the fuel filter and spray out the fuel and put the hose back on and the car starts back up I am verry angry at this problem so if anyone can help I will love you forever haha thanks

The fuel pump is not working on my 1997 Subaru Wagon with a 2.5L engine. It just up and quit on me. I put in a new fuel pump and assembly, put in new relays and checked the fuses and wireing. The fuel pump is good. I can run a wire from the positive connection on the fuel pump and hook it up to the fuse box with a toggle switch to turn it on and off and the care will run just fine. Any suggestions?

How do you replace a burnt bulb (Low Beam) on this car?

When it rains in my hometown the sunroof drips water slowly, into the car. I need to know what I need to do to fix it. It happens often. Do I replace the seal? OR? What?

I recently purchased a 1990 subaru legacy. After i bought it I did a check to see if all the turn signals and lights worked. At the time they all worked. Since then both of my front turn signals went out. I checked the fuses and they are all good. The bulbs are also good. No idea what else it could be besides wiring.

my water pump is leaking and i have to always put water in it so it dont over heat the reserve always stays full too.

It is overheating but it has water antifreeze, the pump is working etc

I get a strong smell of gasoline when I start the engine especially in cold weather. During the summer months it seldom happens. Upon inspection I do not see any raw fuel seeping anywhere. Any clues?

1) Once you get the front engine pully bolt off, do you need a special puller to remove it.
2) The left cam seal has blown out, assuming I can replace it is there a high incidence of this happening again? The care as 180k on the engine but still runs well.
3) To replace a clutch does the entire engine need to be removed?

checked fuse and flasher, four ways work fine

I am overheating. I have put in water and it still overheats. I see no water pour out when I add water. Is this the themostat or possibly a sensor?

when i turn my car on it start but then it turns off fast and it smells like gas

soft brake pedal pump twice they work fine had rotors and pads replaced rebuilt master cylinder and calipers had no visible leaks now what do I do Barry Scott

what dose it mean when the check engine light is on and the cruise control light is flashing?

I have a 1994 Subaru Legacy wagon and the ignition cylinder lock is wearing out. I have to play with the key to get it to turn when I start the car. Does anyone know how to remove and replace the cylinder lock?