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I have replaced the IAC valve and the spark plugs and wires and did check all fluids. now the car is still stalling out. I all so found out that the car is over heating and the cool fan will not cut on to cool the engine down. What can I do to fix these issues.
The car is making a loud noise and I'm told it needs a complete exhaust system How can I do this very cheapAnd the engine light goes in and out
newbattery x1week ago. Problem continued, fuse replaced.ran. checked bymechanic.
The problem was diagnosed as a bad starter, which was replaced. Problem reappeared within 24 hours. It occurs when the car is first started. Starts after the engine is warmed up are OK. Fluids seem OK, no oil in the coolant. It's summer time, so not suspecting water in the gas. Don't know when the last time the fuel filter was replaced. No special noises noted. No diagnostic codes available. Any ideas?
Yesterday is the first day I heard this sound, it's a horribly loud vibrating sound coming from the belt area.

Today after driving the vehicle for a 15 minute errand I start to hear the sound again. I pop the hood to figure out what exactly near the belt the sound is coming from.

I figured out what it was, because after I started the vehicle I started seeing sparks flying out from around the part, I told the person to shut the car off immediately and the part was smoking too. The cylinder was also blue tinted in color where the rest looked more silver. (I think it was piping frickin hot.)

When looking under the hood from the front of the vehicle starting from the farthest away from you there is the power steering (clearly marked), then comes another cylinder slightly below the first one and looks like it's mounted right below the engine.

What is this? How hard is it to fix? How much does the part cost? Can I risk limping it to a repair show or will that destroy my engine?

Any advice would be greatful.
After washing the engine the cooling fans stay on. I have taken the wire connetions apart and aired dried them then sprayed them with CRC Lectra-Motive Electrical Parts Cleaner
Do you have any idea how to troubleshoot this problem before I take it to the insurance company to do the repairs of the accident
On the day of the accident we were hit passenger rear quarter panel. It looked like it was okay to drive after being moved a foot or 2 to the side. It seems to be able to drive. We drove off and the next day it didn't start. Service engine light came on when trying to start. The engine is turning over but won't start. It sounds like it's not getting fuel to start. Is there a cut off switch in the rear to keep the car from starting if there is a problem with the fuel tank.
I had stopped for gas as I was running on empty. I hadn't driven it for a few weeks. The mpg have been slowly decreasing.I was at a red light and I spilled my drink, then noticed the radio went out and that the car was no longer running. There is a hole where my cigarette lighter should be but is not because of an attempt to fix it. Could it be my fuel filter got gunked up from sitting and being so low in gas or could it be that the drink got into my fuse box? what would it specifically be that would cause the car not to start? It sounded like it wanted to crank but it wouldn't.
changed all 4 spark plugs, but nothing else. what should I do next to fix car. thanks
Car running hot fan not coming on what could it be?
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