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after it sputters to crank it throws a cloud of smoke and it smells of gasoline as well..
Why won't my car go into gear
car sputters and sputters and eventually will start,is coolant temp circuit switch bad? or fuel pump?po118
the radio will not come on, it does not even show the time
hadnt had any problem untill 3 days ago . it sounded like battery dragging then started making clicking noise then starts like battery dragging then slowly starts any clue?
after install cars still feels like at times it wants to swerve to the right almost like there is something loose .Making a right turn it also feels like the right front tire isn't turning far enough acts like it is sliding , right tire has excessive wear on out side of tire . Need to know where to go from here.
It cannot keep up on hot summer days in Louisiana, though if I run it on inside air it can almost keep up. I was wondering if a recharge would fix it or if it might indicate a need for another repair or service. I lived in MN and NY for most of my car's first 14 years, so I never needed to have the A/C serviced previously.
My daughter hit a curb n tore wires we replaced wires and the shop said converter code showing need to change plugs , we changed plugs n catilac converter and is still doin the same thing
i do not know if i have VES. it isn't becoming more difficult to steer but, the condition of the accessories is not promising. there is a circular, rubbing sound coming from that area. replaced idler pulley, which helped decrease sound a small amount.

when up close to the p/s/p it isn't the rubbing noise but it is making a noise, almost like it's struggling.

happens on every start up. whether it is a chilly florida 40 degree morning or hot afternoon. fades out a bit, but never really stops.

and this is without the a/c on.
Might it be knock sensor or oxygen sensor
They click when no one is in the car and run the battery down to dead. This is the second time I am having them replaced.
Stop signs, red lights, just stop in traffic the car stalls out , why would this be? Most the time it will start right back up but I need to rev the gas pedal when starting it.. Although sometimes it will not start right back up and I must wait twenty - forty min before it will. What could be the problem?
What tools are needed to remove the valve cover gasket? And how do you do it? And how to do put a new valve cover gasket on the engine?
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