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Car wont start,no spark at distribuidor, no signs of fuel at inyectors

Firts time it hapen

after repair at shop, air conditioning not engaging and ABS light and ABS not working,


How do you replace the ECU for the convertible top?

Also do you have the correct spacer detail for the orginalpulley?

Car was last driven 6 days ago. This morning it would not turn over ... got computer "system fault: air bag" message. Any suggestions other than having it towed into the dealership?

i have a oil leak coming fromaround the rear bumper shocks

the car is turning off,stalls, wile the a/c is on, when breaking to stop

Every time I start my 76 911 (with the idle at 1000 rpms), I start to hear a stretching sound that seems to be coming from the fan/alternator area. As the stretching sounds, the rpms go from 1000 to 3000/4000. The fan belt is new/ and tight. I just bought the car recently and the previous owner told me this has never happened to him and that the car was recently tuned up at a Porsche dealer before my purchase. Here is a youtube video (not my car) but another car making the same sound.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -

The computer module light that is at the bottom of the tachometer will not shut off and kills my battery after a few days...any suggestions?

I have dreamt of owning a 911 since I knew what it was. I am ready to make the dream a reality. I have read some negative things and expensive up-keep about the model I want. I was curious if the car is worth buying given my passion for a 911. If anyone has any words of advice or cautionary tales for a first-time owner please be honest. Thank you,
Michael Miller

My dealer offered me a deal on new tires that were manufactured in March 2008 which makes these tires 2 + years old. What is your recommendation on buying.

cost to replace a water pump on 2001 911 ???

stored my car over the winter, now I can't get the battery to even have enough juice to release the front hood, so that I can fully charge the car battery.
I tried utilizing the fuse box, red (positive connector) and the car hinge for a ground. No Luck, what am i missing?

After car is warmed up and i park it i see a very small leak of yellow coolant dripping on driverside exhaust tailpipe.the coolant level seems fine and car operating temp warm stays about 180-190.i've looked underneath car and cant see anything obvious leaking except possibly the coolant resevoir.also notice a clear type fluid sometimes leaking from in front of passenger front wheel.any ideas? thanks

can you use non porsche batteries in a 911 porsche

can you remove cam cover and inspect camshaft without pulling engine out

My cruise control stopped working two years ago. I bought a used (working) Cruise Control Control Unit (Under Passengers Seat). This did not fix the problem. I then replaced a MicroSwitch (located near the gas pedal and clutch pedal) with a new switch. This did not solve the problem. I then checked the fuse for the cruise control...but it was fine.

Do you have any ideas?

David Schmidt

My remote on my key does not activate the locking of my doors and alarm any longer, when I push the remote button, the led on the key remote lights up and the dash led also blinks several times, but the car doors do not lock and the alarm is not on, so I lock the doors manualy with my key on the door lock and when I turn the key the doors lock and a one beep sound comes, what is the solution for my remote to work again? THX for the help

My 06 Porsche 911 Cab won't start quickly when you turn the key in the ignition. It has a several second delay. It's always been maintained by the dealer with no major issues, but the warranty ran out last month. What could be wrong with it?

Could not find any diagnostic procedures or wiring diagrams. Wondering if there are any common issues with these tops' thanks in advance

I have a leak which I think is coming out of the top of the gear box which I cannot see...what could be causing the leak which sends the gear lube down the gear box and causes it to become completly wet and drip. Or could it be engine oil leaking out of the top of the engine on top of the gear box and running down. Do you think it is the gear box or engine leaking oil?

My mechanic has told me that there is an air leak which is causing an irregular idle with my 92 Porsche 911, it has 73k miles. Also, when I am driving at times there is a slight hesitation with the engine, like it could stop. Could this be a plugged fuel filter? What controls the idle? The oil was just changed with fluids topped off but now I need to bring it back in to figure out the issue. Any ideas on what could be causing this would be appreciated. Also, any good, honest mechanic referrals would be helpful.

Where is the air filter located and how is it changed?

my battery is dead on my 911 how do i charge battery when i can't open hood?

My car isn't listed, so I chose one at random to ask the question.
I have a 1977 Fiat 124 Spyder
The clutch has begun to slip and there is an engine oil or gearbox leak that is seen dripping from behind the flywheel cover. How do I determine from where the leak comes, and if it is the crankshaft rear oil seal or gasket, can I repair it by going up through the oil pan with the engine in the car, or do I have to tear the engine apart from top down?

My 1971 front brake caliper is froze up. What is the best way to free it up?