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I have a gas leak around left front side of the motor, might be the charcoal canister (part # is SAE PA66 ) ;i don't know where is it located.
I've been told it could be the driver belt, or other belts. Or it could be the tire alignment? Also, The vehicle shakes when i drive. I've been told that could be due to air pressure levels being different in the tires or AGAIN the tire alignment. I've had the vehicle for about 2 months now, and it was like this when i bought it. Not sure what to start with?
- I have Checked harness resistance from sensor to main connector. ok
- have checked sensor input voltage, 5v on both sides, at big connector and through the harness to sensor.
- I concluded to replace wheele hub assembly. Problem still persists.
- All other three sensor register a speed on scanner when wheels are rotated.
I have a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire 4cyl 4spd auto and is it possible to replace the Torque Converter Clutch Pulse Width Modulation (TCC PWM) solenoid without removing the transmission from the car?
I bought an Innova 3100 and accidentally erase the OBD data and after 1.5 weeks I don't have any reading from the Innova reader. Any idea what it is causing this issue or How long will it take to get data into the OBD?
my car has stuck in gear for about a week now I checked the cable to the tranny and its fine and my shifter you have to apply the brake and the shifter just moves freely and won't go into any gear at all what can cause the problem in need of help please anybody
I change the gas cap, fix, tighten fix, but continuos appearing, I continue resetting the code any solutions.
The OBD is telling me that the gas cap isn't there. Sometimes works sometimes it doesn't erase it. Can I reset it disconnecting the battery?
The drip looks like it was condensation, but it is now the coolant coming out. I have to top off the fluid every other day. where is this leak coming from? I do not overheat and the temp stays the same. Did have a heater core replaced in August.
we found out the car was heating and loosing coolant, they diagnosed that it is in the heater core. there also was some coolant smell and we found oil in the windscreen.
My son's 98 sunfire 2.2L has a passlock system (no chip in the key)
We have started having problems with it when he got it in June 2013.
Some days it would work fine, others the theft light will blink 6 times then go steady and just stay that way.
Sometimes disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery for 30 min or so then performing the 10 min relearn will allow the car to start.

We've replaced the ignition cylinder at least 6 times (both aftermarket, new factory and junkyard), replaced the instrument cluster with a junk yard part. All of these replacements have worked for a brief period of time then right back to ole 6 blinks and no start...

The only "semi-consistent" in this is that it seems to happen more when it is cold or wet out. But it sometimes works then. Also, any time my son has no option but for his car to work, that is almost ALWAYS a given that it won't work.

ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
I have already change trans speed sensor
98 Pontiac Sunfire, the rear passenger turn signal and hazard light does not work. I checked the bulb (all lights run off a single bulb), the bulb is not blown. Owners manual doesn't show a fuse for turn signals. Any idea how I can fix it???
These lights came on as I was driving tonight and then car stalled and started again. I pulled over and shout it off and and then started it. Again still lights on.
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