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I have a 2009 Pontiac G6 that has had issues with the low beam headlights going out frequently...both sides. I have replaced the bulbs multiple times and have even replaced the light sockets and I still have headlight issues.

Does anyone know of a solution for this?

Thank you.
My PCM shorted out on my 2008 pontiac G 6 after installing a new PCM and turned it on it took care of the error message and stuff like that but it still want start help
I had a new catalytic converter put on & a couple weeks later its LOUD. Found he only put one bolt in to mount converter to engine. Need bolt size to buy to repair properly. Autozone has 6 "universal" kits. Don't know what to do.
Timing belt came off. Wondering if I should expect major engine damage.
Come on but car won't start
it's a lot of fluids in floorboards
I believe it's a transmission problem
My a/c was working fine but all of a sudden stopped. I went and had refrigerant put in my car and it took almost the whole can.
Just coolant info
Wont drive in fear of break-in down. They should take responsibility for problem and fix it!!
It seems as though the fuel filter i's clogged?
trying to determine if the G6 motor will stop running if the oil gets to low, like some kind of a protective system, fail safe etc.?
Had oil change done 2 months ago, notice oil on my alternator and all over the right side (passenger side) of my engine, looks like the belt is slinging it. What are the possible causes? The driver side looks great.
He said u can't replace one without replacing the other is that true
My check engine light is on I hooked code reader up to it and it gave me code p044 what does this mean how do I fix it
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