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Makes me think it doesn't have oil in rear end like its dry

Makes me think it doesn't have oil in rear end

stalling,jerking upon accelaration,come to a stop stall out,?sensor?fuel filter?hoses?,could be anything

Has been a great car but needed a new iming chain. I replaced it and now its not getting very much power. what could be the problem? How does it get fixed?

the brake light keeps coming on and off

When engine is restarted after warm it skips for a few minutes. It is not losing water or does not seem to have pressure in the coolant.

Nissan dealership wants 555$ says 3 hrs labor. How to find an honest and trustworthy mechanic at a reasonable cost.

For instance,it only happens when traveling at high speeds like on the interstate for extended periods. Any idea what causes it?

i replaced the thermostat the heat censor and put all new antifreeze in the system

Ran fine then died engine light came on. Now when give gas the rpms are not going up. It seems to be sputtering.

Problem-rough idle, stalling, rough running .
Repair#1-accessory belts, shocks replaced; knock sensor replaced. After repairs service engine soon light illuminated. Told wires shorted- need a computer
Repair#2- has a code for idle air control-valve will not operate; wires damaged at the connector, shorted. Repair wire harness and installed new idle control unit. System not working properly-computer will not operate valve on demand. Referred to Nissan for computer reprogram or replace.
Service #3-Nissan suggested extensive diagnosis (follow the wires) to determine problem. Est 4 hours to diagnose
Is it true that only Nissan dealer can program computer?

when i repared the airconditioning the light started flashing, i changed the feetpump and the problem still

on when i restart it.

I bought a used Nissan Xterra 2005 which seemed to be in good conditions. A day after, I changed the engine oil and transmission oil. About 2 weeks later, I noticed the "service engine soon" light come on and then the car slows on pick-up and finds it difficult to climb even slightly hilly places. Reverse gear and selecting higher gears on speed all seem ok. Only starting off is the problem. I got a Nissan autotechnician to have a look and he said the valve body has problem. He said the problem is because I used the wrong transmission oil and has affected the transmission's valve body. He said the valve body can be repaired or I have to replave with another transmission. Before I ask him to repair it, I need your expert advice please. 1. What could have gone wrong with the transmission? 2. Is the valve body repairable? 3. How long can I expect the repaired valve body to last before it needs replacement? I thank you most sincerely for your help and feedback.

Why does my ENGINE DIES WITH NO SPARK when hot?

I was driving home the other night and out of no where my xterra lost power and i had to floor it to get any power out of it . i drove it like that for about a half mile and parked. Now it wont start. wondering if its really flooded. checked the distributor and everything seems fine. plugs are looking good and have good spark. Had it hooked up to a diagnostics test and the first cylinder is mifiring. we pinched a gas line off and it tried to start but died. And when u turn the key on there is this buzzing noise and im not sure if its under the vehicle or on the back of the motor.

I have already replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and mass airflow sensor; but the problem is still there and I'm out of ideas on how to fix it.

knock sensor,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,air fuel filters intake&plenum gaskets throttle position switch good fuel and cleaners added dry gas oil and filter comp #4 125lbs all done yesterday

I have replaced spark plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel&air filters.My friend purchased vehicle last week.It had #4 misfire code & knock sensor code.I replaced knock sensor and gaskets found no cracked vac lines but she still runs poorly @idle.I added Lucas fuel treatment and dry gas with 10 gallons 93 octane.I did a cylinder compression test on 4 it was 125 lbs.Is there any problems with wiring harness or injector problems?

The engine starts fine when it's cold, and in a few minutes it starts running rough and quits. All codes come up.

Every time I start the Xterra. All diagnostic codes come up.

Sometimes it will stick in overdrive.

The vehicle takes time to blow hot air even when it is 40 degrees ambient temperature.

2003 front wheel bearings on 2003 nissan xterra

No other indications there is an issue. No idiot lights, no strange sounds with the motor, no loss of power...seems to be the gauge

Car was fine and with no warning this happened. Got code for cat converter took it to muffler shop told this is not the problem. I can't drive it at all? HELP!

I was also told the engine is blown. The check engine light did not come on.

Driving down highway with cruz control set at 69, all of a sudden car excellerated and cruz control shut down all my readings digital millage, speedometer, rpm, and engine H-C have no read all at O I have no idea how fast I am going or how much gas is in my car -it stuck at 1/2 tank. Pulled over, turned car off re-started no problem - had readings for one second gone again? What is this/ Battery isn't bad, Don't think it is alternator cuz I have power and lights in dash are working???? Is there some sort of fused that blew?

My Xterra start and in the next five minutes turn off. I wait 5 to 10 minutes and start my car again, it run for five minutes and the turn off again. This happened 3 times or maybe 4 and I can use for the rest of the day, sometimes start maybe 1 time and I can't use for the rest of the day.

it also have a fonny sound when driving on not smooth place