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My 2004 xterra looses power have to floor it to get power back then adventually loose all power and stall. Won't restart unless sits for 10 or min. But then stalls again. HELP please!
The pulley seems broken, and the battery is NOT charging
I just bought this vehicle Wednesday from a used dealer. Drove it all the way from the dealer to where I live, different counties. Noticed some smoke but figured from the heat being on, was told that isn't the case. Used a car MD device and the only thing that came up is a code for a replacing the part that stalls the knocking for a engine, nothing major. Please help!
The gauge was pegged HIGH. So I replaced the oil pressure sensor with a aftermarket one. When I turned on the car the gauge was reading low and the light turned on. I left the car running and unplugged the oil pressure sensor and the light was still on. Did I get a defective oil pressure sensor ? thx.
Drove over 2000 miles when I first got it and worked fine. Let it sit up about a month through December. Started driving again and heat only worked when at high speed or overfilled reservoir. Then started overheating one day when Accelerating. Plently of coolant, not sure if its water pump or thermostat.
change dist knock senor fuel pressure is good idle control valve coolant temp sensor and still turns off after 10 minutes on
I have a 2000 exterra 3.3 l engine with 74000 miles cold start the engine has a noise like a lifter not getting oil but gets quiet when engine is up to operating temp does not seem to b getting worse or better suggestions ???
When taking off it doesn't seem to want to go after it takes off the problem stops til I get to a stop sign and have to take off again
replaced valve cover gaskets on xterra ---dropped valve cover screw into valve assembly---will it do any damage -if I leave it in there-
At first it would start but wouldn't accelerate
I cannot find the 71 complaints where would they be.
I have a 2003 Xterra that has a bent frame, still barely driveable and great mechanical condition. I bought another one and want to pull parts (sensors, window motors, etc) to use on the one I bought, which is not the creampuff that was wrecked. How do I find a cheap but good guy to pull parts (only) or also install them? The junkers will only give me $500 for the bent one. The interior, tires, engine, etc is top notch. Has 106,000 miles on it, but has been very well maintained and was trouble free. I need a "Shade Tree Mechanic", but don't know if they even exist anymore!
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