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Dealership said that the rubber is worn on the front wheels control arms (2) leaking. Would like to know what is the cost to repair
Driving at 70 mph on highway one night and all of a sudden it stops in the middle of the highway, no dashboard lights, no inside car lights, no headlights, nothing worked. After about 3/4 hours of trying to jump it, it did come on for about 3 hours and then nothing again.
yes I turn on my AC and goes straight to high and I can't turn to low.
I removed the dash cover with nylon tool next to windshield. Removed phillipshead screws; removed (3) 10mm hexhead screws. What's next steps?
Van loose power. White smoke comes from underneath near muffler. And is very hesitant. Mechanic cannot find what's wrong. Nissan dealer charge to much. I need help.
It started with stalling occassionly after startup. Then it stalled on acceleration. Today it stalled, then the tcs slipped light and check engine light came on.
My Dot matrix liquid crystal display went blank.
Just put new head gaskets on and put it back together, Gutted cat. converter and put it back on. Had a grinding noise first time we tried to recrank after going a couple miles running fine. The next time we tried to crank it didn't make that noise. It just won't start.
I just got it out the tow yard from recovery.It was stolen since November 7th 2015...It was smelling like gas when I picked it up may 26th 2016.i realized it was leaking gas this afternoon June 2, 2016...I
When placing the vehicle in reverse, the RSS sensor no longer beeps.
1995 Nissan Quest. Some random kids shot out my windows. All of the passenger windows. The far back window on drivers side. The windshield is also cracked and has to be replaced.
Los Angeles, CA, owned it for 5 years and it's originally pre-owned
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