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Trying to changed the transmission fluid but I'm wondering if it has a screen inside. The van it's driving rough like it doesn't want to pick up speed.

I need to repair them as it fogs up very bad during a rain and there is no heat during the winter nor any air during the summer.

What could the problem be?

changed feel pump and maf sensor before the stalling on slight inclines or interstate driving sometimes wouldn't accelerate more than about 2000 rpm i would let off gas and would accelerate fine after most times

It s just a new to me van so need a extra mind speaking head as to help me get her fixed thanks

I got the battery replaced and I started to get troubles, it will start and immediately dies again, I have to gas it as soon as it start and then it runs normally also the a/c won't work when I stop it needs to be driving to blow cold air, any help???

I've worked on many front wheel drives before, removing the transmission, is the Quest like a 2001 Buick (K) fram thats required to have a lift because motor drops too or can it be removed like a 1985 Grand Am with no lift where the fram is in 2 peaces? In other words replacing it on the ground, what kinda work am I looking at? Thank's; Jason Pust, Mobile AL.

I'm concern for recalls on my vehicle, I have a 7 year old daughter. I need to know what to do if there is

I've changed the crank shaft sensor, distributer, coil, all wires and plugs now it'scranking not starting. any susuggestions on what to check next

I have installed a thermostat (which was missing, to start with), did a cooling system flush, and had the radiator "boiled out" by a professional shop. It seems there is little, or no circulation, and, the temperature almost goes to the high hot mark, but, the water temperature, itself, is not extremely hot. I can hold my finger in the reclaim tank for quite some time, and, it's only very warm.

location of brain box of mercury villager 98 model

05 Nissan Quest alternator failed and needed replacing. Mechanic diagnosed faulty radiator as well and replaced both at $1200 cost. Immediately after the vehicle emptied new-radiator-full of coolant and the new alternator failed. Instead of diagnosing and repairing the coolant leak (that didn't exist before his work), instead of locating the leak source, he used quick sealant. Now the same leak is back and he wants to charge more to fix a problem he caused. What are my options?

I was having acceleration issues after my van was up to temp and would die when stopped and idling in gear. When checking codes I get PO 135 O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction bank one sensor. I replaced the upstream sensor and it is still having problems running and still gives the code. What should I check now?

I put it in shop and they repaired a bunch of stuff but it still shakes or trembles not sure how to describe also when I start the van sometimes it doesn't start right away it make the noise like its going to but doesn't