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my car was running fine, filled up at gas station, then it died when I pulled out in the street about 3min later. it cranks but will not is now making a rumbling sound towards back when I try to start it. it is a 5spd. And I cannot siphon the gas out of it either.

I may buy a 95 200sx, i was told all it needs is a timing chain because the car won't start.If it is the timing chain does that mean the valves have bent? i have had to replace valves on another car i owned because of the timing went out. All else on the car is new, the car was well maintained.

changed oil n put a wix filter on still rattles

The other day I got in my 96 nissan 200sx & went to start er up & the clutch went all the way to the floor & stuck there. I had the car towed to my local garage & was informed that the clutch linkage was broken. 1st question is how can this guy know that without dropping the tranny? 2nd question- How many labor hrs should I be charged for this job with and without changing the actual clutch as well? thanx for the help.

something metal is rolling around inside my steering wheel cover, sometimes it will make the horn go off, the blinkers not work, the engine not start , the steering wheel will be upside down,it is like it is please. It happens all the time...I have parked it for now but I need it. Where can I get it fixed near Sacramento, CA? Thank you so much...

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need info on bleeding a clutch

Got the car, proceeded to kill it lol. New clutch, threw away the MAF on accident. Kept dying as a result, then clips for throw-out bearing fell off. Had to use starter to get it home. Murdered tht one. Fix the clips, replace starter with reman one that sat in my car for a year. 2 weeks later, starter now and I got nothing, not even a click, no effort from the starter at all. Key turns, dash lights come on, clutch safety switch is within specified peramimeters, clutch realy clicks when key is turned to start position, starter fuses intact. Checked the new starter just to be sure, works perfectly. Even tried arching the starter to no avail. I'm completely stumped now, my thinking is either the ignition wire or maybe a fusible link somewhere in the process tht I fried. Help is greatly appreciated. Thank You

when i started my car it didnt turn my lights all came on but i didnt hear the motor start just silence not even like the ignition trying too start the car

how do you remove the lighter socket for replacement?

What would be the problem of Nissan 200 sx

how do i remove existing passenger key lock?

I need the A/C line for my SE-R. I had a friend of mine who is a mechanic call around for it and it's back ordered with no date. I thought I found the part online but it says it's for the 1.6L. Will this fit my car too? Or does anyone know a website that would have it? Thanks in advance.

here's the link to the part:
98 1998 Nissan 200SX A/C Hose - Climate Control - Four Seasons - PartsGeek

the windshield wipers was on when some one pulled back on them, now they wont move but i can still hear the windshield wiper motors working how do i fix this?

First time it broke. Have a belt that is close to 44 inches. Don't see what you'd loosen in order to put belt on and tighten.

I was driving my 200sx and while doing this my transmission would not allow me to shift into any other gear but 1st, im looking for the tranny fluid dipstick and the fill area, is there one? or am i just plain out blind. and what type of fluids should use. any help would be appreciated greatly.

My horn is starting to randomly blow and I would like to pull the fuse on it until I can get it fixed. Where is this located?

why would the fuel back up the fill tube on a 1998 nissan 200sx?

We got a 1995 nissan 200sx and it ran fine. Then one day we were at a Wal-Mart and we came out and it wouldnt even try to start. But we pushed started it and it ran fine. We thought it was the starter. But its not. Now none of the ignition lights come on. And we took it to a mechanic, he worked on it and got it to crank over but not start. We took starter fluid and it started right up. The fuel pump is bad. But now the problem is it wont crank over any more. Could the fuel pump cause the car not to crank over? Its a manual transmission.

where are the spark plugs located?

cruise control does not engage

The car will not start when cranking. I checked the fuel pump and when it receives power it runs, changed the distributor, checked relays and fuses and they are OK. Why wont the fuel pump activate when cranking and is there no spark?

where to put transmission fluid

ac compressor froze up have a smaller belt to bypass but not sure what to lossen to get new belt on the tension pully is solid not spring loaded on my car

head gasket replacement

replaced sensor cleared code, camshaft position a bank 1 circut malfuntion. car will not start still, fuses are good, fuel preasure good. no other codes. starts for a sec. with sterting fluid.

replacede the crankshaft location sensor but car will not start, add gas to plugs and it just sputters. is the mass airflow sensor the problem?

My car turns over but doesn't start. I know it's not the fuel pump and i have checked the fuses under the bonnet. But is there more fuses to check or is a diferent problem like the distributor?

I have a 1987 Nissan 200sx (V6) and cannot locate the oxygen sensor.. Please help...

put a new clutch in and now the car wont turn over at all. we cked the clutch saftey switch and the grounds. this car just wont crank. we have power but we are completly stumped. any ideas

Sound came from the cylinder head at one side only in the right side