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went to go start my car this morning and turned wipers on after warmed up a little and the moved like and inch and made weird noise now that let car warm for awhile the drivers side wiper moves/works and passenger side does not and when touch it can feel it trying to turn stumped dont know what to do or how to get into it?
For the last week I can not connect to my Sirius xm. I get an error message sat fault. How can I fix this?
Why would the air get cold when the heat is on when you are stopped but as soon as you start driVing again the air get warm again
The heat stops working it blows cold air instead of hot air but it works fine when you are driving the car
If I put it in Neutral it will stop.
When driving and it gets to 3rd gear it doesn't want to shift I have to take my foot off the gas and sometimes throw in neutral for it to go back into the drive like I am forcing it to shift it started at 80,000 miles and I have drove it 156148 miles so far but I am afraid it's going to cause me to get in a wreck on the highway when I try to speed up and it feels like it's just a neutral. what would cause this?
I press clutch pedal in to start car and pedal doesn't spring back up
what should i do how do i fix this problem
I start up the car and put brake on but it won't let me push in button to get i n reverse or drive. if I use a pen in the little hole next to shifter it will then ingage
I have a 2010 Mercury Milan Premier (4 cylinders).

Since September 2014, I have experienced inconsistent cruise control performance: sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work.

This problem first appeared when driving in higher altitudes (1500+ feet). Now, the problem also appears at the lower altitudes (300 feet). Maybe humidity contributes to the problem. The cruiser control turns on/off okay using the on/off button. However, when the car is in motion, the cruise control does not always engage using the -/+ buttons. I know that when the car is stopped, the cruise control does not engage using the -/+ buttons; this makes sense because the cruise control can not set a speed. It is like the cruise control does not always know when the car is in motion.

Has anybody else experienced this problem? If yes, do you know the cause/resolution of the problem?
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