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Vehicle sat for a week and there was a lot or rain falling. In the rear, I noticed some dampness when I opened the rear tail gate. The carpets were slightly damp, especially around the wheel-well areas. I looked for signs of water damage or leaks and there were none. Could this be condensation or should I continue to look? Anyone else have this problem?
My engine computer drains my battery very quickly. Is there any recall for this issue?
I can unplug a plug under the passenger side dash to cut blower off completely but when I plug it up again it blows heat full blast nonstop.
ML 350 2004 Transmission and Differential (front and rear Axle) Oil used
esp cuts out when bouncing over rough roads,turning and even when parked,when it also refuses to shift to neutral and needs to be moved before it will is released at the same time.switch module was replaced but no help.I feel it's a sensor problem in the front suspension as it always happens in conjunction with front suspension movement or driving through water puddles.HELP.
it usually on comes on in cooler weather- it went out this summer after the winter and is back now in cooler weather
the car has 189k miles, was running great. took off the road in 2012, drove it periodically , stared to not upshift. only runs in 1st gear. Drained the oil ;brown & smells burnt. Dealer suggested change the oil,filter & drain converter,
I have already changed out all 4 oxygen sensors and now have an additional P0151 error as well.
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