Mercedes-Benz C280 Questions

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When I am in part or have the break on the car Rabbs up like it wants to take off on its own and I don't Tielo Hilow
When I am at a stoplight and the car is the break is pushed all the way the car keeps trying to accelerate on it's own up-and-down up-and-down or when I put it in park it does the same thing it revs up like it's wanting to take off up-and-down up-and-down
Obviously the brakes stopped working. So I lost control and wound up in an accident. Has anyone else ever had this problem.
Trans is in low gear,wont shift. I've changed fluid & filter. Engine runs fine. what can I do before taking it to a mechanic. I am a Marine Diesel mechanic and am familiar with trouble shooting Electronics.
My check engine light came on, the code is P0400.
Does window need to be in the down position to replace regulator
What I mean is My 1995 c280 Mercedes Benz can not raise or fire beyond 20 odometer at idle, please what could be the problem and the solution
bought a new switch
When starting car it idles rough,and accelerates on its own. It idles rough when driving and sometimes stalls while at stoplight.
When it trun the cat off all the water pores out
Cranked car to warm up, engine cut off. Tried to recrank but nothing happens. Radio, headlights and interior lights work.
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