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And I now it is firing on all cylinders

It is Either one or the other

how do i reset timing for electronic ignition

I put the key in, push the clutch to the floor, turn the key to the start and it sometimes does nothing. After several tries it may start up fine. The starter turns fine. Is this an ignition problem, clutch swith, or solenoid?
Truck only has 49,000 0n it.

Where is oil blowing out of during extreme cold weather? I can not tell where it is coming from. Fan pulley was not turning when I went out to warm up truck. I shut truck off and restarted it and the pulley began to turn. On the way to work radiator heater hose busted and oil began to blow out from somewhere. Where is it coming from? Please help.

When running at 60 t0 65 MPH the Speedometer Needle will start to go down eventually ending up at 0 MPH. I am able to monitor the speed by watching the Tachometer. Does anyone know why this is happening? The local dealer does not believe that this is happening as it does not happen when the truck is taken to them for service

The truck has 2 coil packs and eight plug wires.

the control is by the passenger side and is probably controlled by a motor.

I have a 1994 Ford Ranger-I blew up the muffler-put in new Catalytic converter and Heartthrob exhaust; I have fuel pressure at filter and fuel rail: I have fire at ignition packs; the truck will crank, but not start; it tries to fire but tries to backfire also; code reader pulls nothing but a 111 and a 10;PLEASE HELP

took it to an auto shop, the mechanic says the diagnostic codes does not give answers to the problem.
he thinks it could be the timing.

it has to be removed, before taking it to salvage

My dashboard lights went off at the same time as the ABS started flashing.

Clean:oil,air fltr,maf,Cant find PCV. Does the 2.3L have a PCV?

Is the fuel tank pressure sensor in the tank on 96 mazda b2300

i have a b2300 and it started missing pretty bad at idle but once i take off it drives good, it had a code for miss of course so i replace the plugs. my question is i can spray sum b-12 by the power steering pump and the idle picks up like it should so i replace the gaskets on the intake pletium. replaced hoses also, put everything back and it still does the same, has anyon ever had this problem? need alittle help thks!

it has turned off my fuel how to reset it.

i put a crack in the block for my 94 4 cylender b2300 mazda 5 speed pickup truck so i went to a wrecking yard and got an engine block for a 96 b2300 4 cylender automatic i need to know how to put the new block together with all of the old ingine parts espesially how to put the old head on it because pep boys said the gasket set is different

i got sold wrong plugs but didnt look at the plugs when i put them in and ran it like that for a month then notice that i had the wrong plugs then changed it and still the same.. The first and 4th spark plug has black carbon on it so must be working .. please let me no what going on if i melted the pis tent rings.... oh and my muffler from the manaflod down to the end of pipe was bright red..

The interior light will no go out when I shut the door on the left side.

cant find the horn nowhere on the truck when pushing the button hear no sound but has power to it

starts up no power if rev engine starts missing loosing more power then dies wont restart let sit for a bit then will start does same fire and timing belt pulled head no bend valves.tried starting fluid thinking not enough fuel pressure still no start.acts like not firing but it is.

This occurs all the time

We had the timing belt break in our truck engine. When installing the new belt, what timing marks or pointers should you use to set the timing on the cam shaft correctly? Our Mazda Dealer won't give us the information.

Checked the EGR Valve and found no leaks and no restrictions and it works. Checked the modulating Solenoid, found it sticking and replaced it. Vac lines also checked OK. Where do I go from here? How do I troubleshoot? Truck runs fine except for the light but I have an emissions inspection to pass by years' end.

it doesn't happen at any specific situation.

i have replaced fuel pump and filter and censor.

My truck currently does not have heat, but the air conditioner works just fine. My thermostat will rise in the summer time with the air conditioner running, but when it is switched to hot air, the thermostat does not rise at all. I occasionally hear a clicking coming from my glove box area, but it is not a constant. My coolant levels seem to be just fine. Help!

I need to reset the timing on an overhead cam belt drive for 1996 Mazda B2300 pickup with 4 cyl engine

would like to change the motor but the cowel is welded is there another way to get to the wiper motor or is there another fuse somewhere other then the dashboard

My wife just got a 2003 Mazda B2300 from her dad with 62000 miles on it. It ran great for about 650 miles, then it started missing at idle and when pulling a hill. Taking it out of overdrive doesn't help. Most of the time it will miss when at full throttle. A time or two it didn't. Also we ran a bottle of gas treatment through it. It didn't help. Does a bad coil pack cause these symptoms? Any suggestions would be appreciated.