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so i changed the thermostat but made no difference what next the climate control in the dash?

How do I reset my door adjar ?

All the doors are closed but the message is still there causing my interior lights to come on every time i stop the car. You can't lock the door when the ignition is on.

heads tobe serviced are on motor .

seems when cold you have to give it more throttle to make it slip.when i`m in traffic it starts to slip right when you give it gas.

It loses power and cuts off while I'm driving, The check engine light stays on.

I have a burnt valve and it's producing thick white smoke coming from my right tail pipe.

The upright tilt switch will now not return the seat back support into the normal upright position.

It does not do this very often, maybe once every two too tree weeks. Any suggestions. Does it when the engine is both hot and cold.

engine overheats

I'm overheating sometimes, there is fluid in the reservoir but the engine has very little once it cools down.

Once back door is open it won't shut ... freezes open.
I can eventually close it after an hour of trying
various things.
Also both back door won't automatically unlock ...
have to manually unlock from inside ?

If the dash does not light to show the reading of mileage of the car what do you you check fot

My car will turn but not stay on. Lights work.

the belt went to the air conditioner and power sterring pump

it seized the air conditioner do I have to have another airconditioner or can I get another belt and by pass the air conditioner
It is 3.0 Does the air conditioner control the defrost

Replace catalytic converter after flex pipe ,had two different ways to instal,if you had air tube or without air tube.

It also pull to the right when i brake. I looked under the carriage an saw that a rod is loose and turning.

having a problem lose of power steering while driving then it will come back and then lose it the check steering assist comes on

I Suspect malfunction of solenoid control valve.

I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental, and the problem I'm having is that when I shut the car off both my headlights and radio remain on, even when the doors open, also, I can't shut the radio of by its power button.I was told by a local mechanic that it could possibly be the headlight control module, but I failed to see what it has to do with the radio.any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

what are the proper fuel trims on a 98 lincoln continental
proper mass air flow rate?
are 30 misfires normal at idle
why is my code scanner sitll reading closed loop fuel system at 199 degrees
basicly i need some help reading my scan tool

is 560.00 to much, do they sell any aftermarket parts for this