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I've been searching forums and sites to find info on how to replace the starter on the 96 sc400.
I've changed plugs, wires, dist caps, rotors, coils, fuel filter, Efi relay, plus had the engine ecu repaired and it still won't start
manifold absolute pressure sensor, I can not locate in my repair manual and am having no success locating on the internet. Where can I find this sensor please
Ac dash lite started flashing off n on...Next the ac fuse blew so it is replaced... Now the clutch on the compressor won't engage.Is this a bad relay? How do I troubleshoot this to find the causerie
Car dies out at idle. Don't know the location of the sensor. I also hear a click when I step on the brake pedal coming from the shift location or emergency brake.
Stop Going Forward when In Drive Gear
my starter went out .I had it changed.Then on the freeway my accelerator got stuck,needless to say I had to change my tranny.while test driving it started to lose power the door lock switches started to lock and unlock on their own.another test drive and now it hasn't any spark.fuel pump works could bad gas have an affect as to why it wont start?gas tank has been emptied gas lines have been air dried.crank angle sensor has been changed .fuses and relays are good what else can cause this?
Any leads please help were to start /computer
Ive recently had the timing belt replaced, car now starts but wont idle, obd1 code 15 is now showing up, what exactly does this all entail?
Seems like 1 cylinder not firing
It "did" work after replacing the whole switch?, but just one day's not. Don't know what other components to check, that would cause this problem. Btw.....the motor & fuses are fine. HELP!!!!
a muffler but my air flow system is breathing what is wrong with my car
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