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Gas pedal will not excellrate.
The remote controlled pivot of the outside rear view mirror still works.
only when car is cold ( first starting out my day) Then it's fine!
Steering seems much heavier than I would expect in a Lexus. Car has the "Sport suspension" not sure if that has anything to do with it. Tires inflated properly etc. 72 K on the car. Fluid topped up.
from the left hand side of the engine.The mileage is 101000Km and is fully serviced by dealership.
We thought the battery was dead and had it jumped drove and replaced the battery and drove it for 4 hours. Today it will not start!
shocks seem okay. sounds occur mostly over straight driving, sometimes on diff which direction. handles well enough. tires & alignment okay (both recent). clunking has been occurring from 2009 & becoming progressively more often.
Any suggestions?
speed and pulling off. I have had both Stabilizer links replaced. Noise still there.
I had no error codes prior to having new Michelin tires installed at Sams Club. Immediately after, CHECK VSC, TRAC OFF, and the RED EXCLAMATION point lights came on. Had a local repair shop read codes. Indicates YAW RATE SENSOR CALIBRATION, STEERING ANGLE, and several other codes. Google search indicates other owners having similar problems after tires installed, alignments, etc. that only required a Zero Point Calibration. Local repair shop was unable to reset the warning lights using their equipment. Could be a bizarre coincidence where an oxygen sensor or mass flow has gone bad, but seems more likely that one of the wheel sensors might have been damaged during tire installation. No Lexus dealer in my city (Pensacola), so stuck with local mechanics.
My battery died and I got a jump.he put the cableo n the wrong Post and blew out my nav system,radio and AC system.
It will turn over but won't start
Acts like it isn't getting gas?
I keep the AC off until I can make it to my mechanic or does that matter?
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