Lexus LS400 Questions

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running on 6 cylinders
Breaks are sticking and will not release
Battery light is on, won't go off
Seems battery id dead but its not
Service indicator light came on. Can you tell me what it means? It's a red circle with 3 little lines on each side.
Replaced all pads and rotors, peddle goes to floor. Will pump up and once I use it once or twice, will go back down to floor
the light stays on the car runs fine just scared to drive
I have new battery but my battery Light is still on
started my lexus and all the warning lights came on and never went off , I run the car and my head lights where very dim. turned car off and had to jump start let it run for a 20 min period .preceded to drive home and when I applied the brake all the dash lights went dim then car died.had to tow it home.charged my battery all night . started this am but dash lights still didn't go it my alternator ?
My 99 lexus ls has a vibration when driving I've had the car a year and it's always done this. I recently put on new tires and there are no dash lights on. Feels like something out of balance under the hood. Its pronounced when you rev at idle could this bes bad fan blade I've also had new coils and plugs replaced
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