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After turning down the climate control to 65F I still get hot air to my vents, especially if I turn the fan up. Secondly, I have the have the temp on around 80F to get warm air, lower then that it will blow cold air. To top it all of, my A/C cuts out when the ambient temp is around or over 80F, I have to turn of the A/C, wait 10 seconds then I can turn it back on and it will work again until I come to a stop in front of a traffic light. I think that the heater hot air is over heating my A/C.

compresser runs all the time, can not turn off with switch.

air condition runs all the time, can not turn it off with switch.

wheres the location of cam shaft sensor or just replace crankshaft sensor

I have a Lexus GS300 that runs extremely hot after 10-15 mins of driving. Replaced the head gasket, major service, termostat, coolant flush,,,can not seem to fix problem....please advise need to keep car


I changed the tires made allighnment replaced the RF lower radius armbut of no benifit
the car still shifting to the right on braking , what is the solution for this problem?
several mechanics kept searching for a solution but still no solution found

code set after about 25 minutes of running time and after changing the spark plugs and oil... code cleared at shop and eluminated again after approx 25 more minutes. Solution?

On repair pal is there an area that will give you how many hours to repair

Crank pulley is making noise. What is the cost of replacement.

My ABS and Brake lights came on in the dash. At the same time my shift intrlock, power window switches, sun roof switch, heated seat switches, the heater controls, and the rear defroster all quit working. Is there a common fix for this type of problem?

When I was driving home on the highway at about 60MPH I had to accelerate to get past a slow driver..I then heard a quick popping sound and continued on.I have not hear that sound from this car before. Now on idle or slow speeds it seems a bit slow and idles more slowly than before. Gas is very low, but I don't know if that's a factor. The popping sound alarmed me a bit. What might this be?

what make the key put the window up or down

When turned on, the blower motor will come on and go off randomly. I have replaced the blower motor and the relay...still not working. It will only come on when turned to High but then goes off and on for different periods of time. Please help!


I first started hearing a grinding sound coming from the glove compartment. Then the heater would no longer warm up, next the ac on the passenger side would not cool and now the ac on the driver side does not cool either. Any idea what will need to be replaced?

where is it located ?

Typically change oil every 3,000 miles. I've heard though that you can go longer.....?!

I just change the water pump and timing belt but the car still over heats y is that

will the engine from a 2002 swap without issues?

car staling while driving today was driving fine then it wont go but when you turn the car off it will go but repeat the same thing over again. transmission has beenchecked no problem there

I am trying to remove the front inside door panel, so I can fix my window that seems to have fallen off the track. I can hear the motor, but the window doesn't move. I've already removed a total of 7-screws holding the panel on. 3-screws underneath, 1-screw under the window and lock controller, 1-screw under the armrest hidden by a decorative piece, 1-screw in the air duc, 1-screw located at the end with a rubber stop attached. It looks like the only thing holding it on his the door latch handle. Is there a trick in removing it?

lexus leaking oil at crankshaft pulley. how much to replace it.

I recently took my car in for a recall; they drained the brake fluid and called to tell me I need new brakes on the front; which were replaced. Now I have a slight tremor in the steering wheel and a pull to the left, ever so slight; but it's not right. I took it back to the dealer and they can't find a problem with it..They rotated the tires, but it didn't solve the issue. What could be the problem?

I can lock all doors from remote or from the inside , except the rear right door.

Used some GumOut fuel cleaner in my 94 gs300 lexus, it loss power while driving and gas was coming out the air intake. Also a mechanic How do you fix fuel injectors that are considered stuck open?

has a small oil leak under car

Front passenger does not opens from inside, but opens from outside

2002 GS Lexus 300 Front passenger door cannot open from inside, but opens from outside

I bought the lexs gs300 about 6month ago and don't know if the water pump or timming belt has been change, how can I find out or would my check engine light come on.