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It continues to display on the dashboard after brake light bulbs were replaced. All rear lights & directional are functioning properly.
Any suggestions?

Anyone know how to fix

I disconnected the battery now car won't start and alarm won't reset

About the hestitation am having while coming to a complete stop when begin to start driving it slows down then with a thump sound will continue togo when starting for the first time if you run the car for about half hour to hour it may run well

If you let it warm up for about a hour or more you won't have a problem what's going on? This happens everytime time you stsrt the car it thumps with hesitation to drive

I don't think the problem is my battery because when I turn my key, my dashboard lights, and radio comes on. That would also mean that my alternator is charging the battery ok. And my car doesn't make any kind of clicking noise when I turn my key so I don't think its my starter. When I turn my key to crank the car, the times it doesn't crank right away just turns to a dead silence until I get it to crank. Someone had mentioned it possibly being a cylinoid switch. Does that make any sense? Any idea how much that would cost? It that something built into my starter?

The clock also went out too. I had the fuses checked and I was told they are all fine. what else could be wrong? Especially if it was working fine. The

When accelerating the car hesitates feels like cars bout to shut off

I had my driver's side window regulator replaced, but now the master switch only allows me to lock and unlock the doors. I cannot let the windows down, move the seats or open sunroof.

p1349 code, car running rough and vsc light on

there was no code and this was the first time I experienced a fault of this sort please help

When I turn the key, in the ignition, the engine struggles to start. Sometimes, I need to get a jump to start it. I have a new battery, my alternator is fine and once it's started, the engine hums like it's new. What could be the trouble? It's baffling, can you help?

Have a 12.5 volt draw with key off and altranator not hooked up

Altrnator is not hooked up

The engine and radio shut off normally, but windows and sun roof still operate if i push switches and steering wheel doesnt adjust up. Will this use battery over night if I am not in car and door is shut?

Heating problem on passenger side it runs cold on the passenger side. What do I need to check