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Will start but dies again
coming back from tn to ky car ran fine but as I got closer to home id push brake and car would idle down sputter and die id put it in nutrel and restart it and when id slow down it would do it again every home it sat for a day drove it around town half hour or so braking a lot and never did it then as I was all most home I slowed down and it idled down sputtered and died got it home as I pulled in it don it again it sputtered for about 10 sec befor it died but u can start it right back up.plzzzz help its all I have to drive to work and ive missed 2 days cause of it. email me text me I don't care I just need help ericmay626 at gmail dot com ...6069394163
I'm getting oil in coolant on a 3.0 stright 6 has anyone slse had this problem Thanks
it has the 3.0 stright 6
what it means,whats wrong, how to check and fix it?
I have never felt any difference in the car and it has been driving perfectly..
what could this be and what can I do to check and fix it?
My car goes constantly up and down like this when i accelerate, as if it is changing gears back and forth.. what coulld be wrong?
car will not start alarm light flashing
how to reset alarm
I changed a few parts on my car eg. valves, fuel pump and i also removed my cat converter and now my car starts but wont gas up it does not go anywhere no matter how much i gas up.
Tried changing the battery and still will not stay cranked. Its been siting for a month now. Do anyone have an idea on what the problem could be? Please help me!
90% of the time yhat im in my lexus the car only has accelration right at the bottom,but when it has full accelration oooh what a beauty,how can you HELP,the VSC lights come on religousely moments after i start the car,how can i solve these problems???????
Called shop they wanted near $500 to replace the sensor. Went to local repair shop, he disconnected battery got me a new gas cap and advised to make sure you place cap on secure (like turning well past it starts clicking). Went about nine months light came on again, disconnected battery, turned cap tighter and still has not come back on.
Car feels like its going to shut down when first accelerating. Feels like its not getting enough gas. This all started right after changing the air filter.
how many spark plugs and wires do I need to do tuneup and timing belt labor cost $300 is this good deal I will buy the parts thanks for help
Emissions test. I took it to Auto Zone for a printed diagnostics test. The code P0430 came up. Is that the o2 sensor?
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