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He put stop leak in & dye. When i brought back he said only thing he saw was leak from sensor& he put tape around it. Worse& fluid seems to leak when i drive it & when it just sets there.I want to make sure it is rack&pinion bc uts exspensive
I just replaced my battery serpentine belt and the power steering belt and now it starts but when I go to drive it it stalls. And the light that detects the temp outside doesn't work too now.
Works for awhile 30 minute, then stops. The next day it works.
Traced the wiring all the way back and everything is ok. I removed the new speed sensor and found a socket that fit over the gear at the bottom of the sensor and turned it with an electric wrench and the speedometer started working. What could be the problem when I place back into the transaxle it still will not work. Could I have the wrong sensor were the gear is matching.
I was driving and car shut down
Have to replace the power steering pump unit, cause its leaking real bad from the unit itself. well everytime i fill up the power steering oil , it always tends to drains out quickly from around the unit
How to remove the lower dash to replace the 30 amp main fuse?
turns over fine everything works inside. No check engine light.
presently will not shift into high gear
The shifter has no resistance and does not engage in any gear. does the computer need to be reset?
It makes this humming sound instead of clicking then it died when I got it to house I am thinking motor locked up but I can move that bolt that the belts hook too but can't get it to spend all the way round just half way back and forward
blows fuse after a few minutes of what appears to be normal ops
Just had a part replaced that was causing me to have no air, about 10 days ago. I do not start the car with the air on. Is this dangerous? I have an important doctor's appt tomorrow 30 mi. roundtrip. after that I can leave my car at mechanics.
what are the corresponding codes
I was driving car gave it gas and I died out on me..tried to start it back up but won't start..It'll turn over just won't start
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