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How to unlock 07 kia rondo out of theft mode?

their is a latch that lifts up the cargo floor to revel storage under it. Whre can I buy a replacement latch besides the dealer.

But occasionally it will come for a while and goes off

got an oil change, and it turned off momentarily while driving but i parked it and got it turn back on. today went to turn car on and it wont even turn over. need help asap please

I called kia about this and they didn't tell me that the rondo had a recall for the ESC light which is the stabilization issue. I'm wondering if anyone has problems related to this or is they hear a loud whirling noise when driving on the freeway or over 40 mph

6 months ago I noticed a whirring sound. Had it checked out and was told it's probably the power steering pump but that it doesn't HAVE to be replaced if I could stand the annoyance. However, the noise is getting louder and louder and is noticeable all the time. It gets louder as I accelerate. Now it seems ANOTHER loud noise is happening at the same time, especially on the highway. VERY LOUD. Sounds like my car is running high, not shifting properly(2500rpm @ 65mph)and is going to blow up. Have had all recommended maintenance done on my car in recent months. The only check engine light that has come on was right after we changed our battery and then it went off automatically a couple of days later.

Old battery was not holding load after being tested. Recommended to replace battery. Did so and started the car, no problem. Second time starting the car (only minutes later) resulted in the Check Engine Light to come on. Again, the vehicle started just fine. Third attempt to start the car and the light remained on. Some message boards indicate that a change to a new battery could cause the light to come on while other message boards say battery and check engine light are no where related. Any advice?

I just bought this car/van/suv whatever it is. It drives great! But the check engine light just came on. :( The code reads p0011. I went to a kwik car place they said its the timing kit, talked to a kia dealer they said its typically the sensor, last I went to auto zone where the mechanics said I should replace the timing chain... At this point I have no clue who to trust. I am a single mom, I also just moved to a new state, I don't know anyone here! Please help if you can!

I just bought a used 2007 kia rondo and the back passanger side door wont open from the inside or outside. I got the door panel off but I still can't figure ot out. Will I have to or can I take the entire door off if I can't open it?

After taking a fairly short drive (less than 5km), the ignition would not shut off, even after removing the key from the ignition (which was in the off position).

I switched the ignition from "lock" to "on" multiple times with no success. Eventually, I drove back to work, where the ignition turned off properly.

I do not have a remote starter installed.

Just curious because of the Bluetooth option . I have access to a unit and don't want to take it all apart if it won't work. Thanks

I recently replaced the tensioner idler pulley. Now my serpentine belt is developing a groove about 1/8" from the inside edge. Any idea what it could be rubbing on? Thanks!

Is it a cable or electronic

I turn the key n the radio n lights come on the gages move a lil but the car wont start after letting it sit for hours it started right up but the dealer i bought it from sy the battery starter n alternater is good so what do u think its is on this 2008kia rondo

When I start my car, the blower motor comes on after about 5 seconds. It runs really loud. When I shut my car off, the sound goes away. What is goin on?

Car has only 120,000 kms on it. Too early for a connecting rod isn't it? Not driven hard. Some cars just make a sound like this after so many kms, is this common with the Rondo?

I need to recharge the battery with a battery charger. How can I tell where's the ground? I think it's on the positive side because there seems to be two cables connecting to that side. Am I guessing right ?

We have used the key thing & also have tried to unlock with the buttons inside...nope won't open. All other doors ok so far. Any idea what we can do. We live 300 miles from nearest KIA dealer. It's got over 50000 miles so is no longer under warranty. Thank you

I was driving down the road when my car suddenly accelerated without my touching the gas and I could not stop it. I ended up hitting a electrical pole. Scared me to death and I have no idea what caused this to happen. I was not accelerating at the time and then couldn't stop. Has this problem been reported previously?

with the check engine light on and it wont go when I push on the gas pedal it just coast I got the accelerator pedal sensor fixed but it started doing the same thing the check engine light just goes on and off I don't know if it is a recall on it or not any help would be appreciated

air filter was really bad. anyone can offer help

This is a car accident situation We don't feel we can trust our KIA dealership They were very much aware of the air bag malfunction within the 30 days of purchase and nothing was done Several weeks ago an accident happened and the air bag didn't deploy both the air bag malfunction and engine malfunction light came on I thank GOD my daughter is OK I also need to have the deductible included in the price of the repairs Our insurance company wants car fixed we've just relocated from Ohio purchased car in Jan and registration is due in Ohio your tags are good for a year the dealership didn't want to discuss tag yet I paid for them and contract of sale proves it I haven't driven my car except when i went to night class that's when a guy rear ended my KIA car I guess it
must be true girls are innocent pray My handicap mother and I
placed faith in people Our sales person was a woman and we were still get taken advantage of I'm not stupid I hold 3 college degrees and 1 masters and I've been an associate professor for 4 years I will start on my doctorates degree in the up coming months Who can we trust Please help I know there are people of integrity here in Ca Thank you for your expertise your precious time and especially your kindness

Blew hot air then cold air last year. Need to know if it is the compressor, Kia wants $800 and my mechanic can do it for a little over $400, but wants to be sure it is the compressor. NO communication from Kia computer to his "state of the art" computer. Any help out there??

I replaced the timing belt. I lined up the markers on the gears, but after I had everything was put back together the car wont start. The engine will rev but will not turn over. After trying to start it, the air backed up and blew off the air filter. What is wrong, please help!!

Do I have to buy a whole new compressor when it is just a faulty clutch?