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Also both normal and recirculating indicator lights glow when a/c selector is in one of the normal positions (head/feet, etc.) Diagnosed as Control Head problem. I don't find a part by that name - find Elec Engine Control Module or Elec Chassis Control Module. Which Module would apply or what else could be the problem?
Steering & braking. Dealership doesn't know what the problem is.
My light came on as I drove away from dealer repair shop the next day I returned and was told that it was the vehicle history light.
The year of the vehicle is actually a 2012. The front signal lights seem to be moody. Every so often one of the front signal lights will not turn on. But the other one will work. About 1-2 hours later it will be working again. It juggles between the left and right signal lights. The bulbs are not burnt out, they are new bulbs. Is there an exposed wire that I should be looking for?
Can I by-pass my air compressor for the serpentine belt. The pulley is bad and belt keeps slipping. My car is sitting at my job, would like to get it home to work on.
belt keeps slipping I'm assuming because the pulley bearing/clutch is bad. My car is stuck at my work need to get it home. So can I bypass the ac compressor?
My CD are stuck in my sterio . The CD won't change nor eject. An error message pop up.
We noticed a little vibration at 119827 and had new pads and rotors resurfaced. No brake pads ever before that and still at 158,000 no pads needed in back as they are still at 6. Always serviced at Kia.
Now every 20-24,000 miles rotors need resurfacing and this time front brake pads needing to be replaced. I'm confused as driving conditions haven't changed, I'm the only driver and have been the only driver. No problems for 120,000 miles and now every 20. Can anyone explain?
The blower seems to have sufficient power its just not coming through the vents like it should. what air is coming out is very cold. when changing the recirculate switch back and forth there is no noticeable change in the sound of the air. usually the air blowing sound is noticeably louder when recirculate is turned on. could there be a bad actuator? if so which one.
My 2.4 engine needs major work or needs to be replaced. The 2.7 engines are more available and are cheaper. Is it possible to just convert to the 2.7 engine?
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