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this is the second time that this has happened. the check engine light comes on when you start the car and then when you try to drive it has no power. It was put on a machine the first time to run the codes and I was told that there is a miss comunication between the gas pedal and the engine that tells the car to go. Just wondering if you know anything about this and what I can do to fix the problem. He cleared the code the first time and the car ran fine for about 2 months and then it happened again this morning.

break fluid leaking left rear wheel

changed the battery and the alarm system went off, put old battery back in and the alarm system didnt go off but lights were on the dash for the door lock. drove the car about 2 miles and it shut off while driving, now it wont start at all. how do you reset the alarm system when changing the battery

signal lights dont work nor rear view mirrors all of this
happened after a jump off, this was the first time this

Radio heater all work till I turn the key then they go out?

no heat , the flap doesn't open to let the heat flow.

this did not occur until I put 215x60 tires on front it has 225 on rear.

when I start it up it starts and then it dies and won't start again

Now it won't work on the manual shift side. Shifts fine in drive just can't downshift manually gonna try disconnecting battery maybe will reset something is there a fuse or a linkage that could have been harmed when they opened console?

Battery. Ignition key would not unlock car, keygob would not unlock car. Now battery is dead. What would make the car do that. Kia dealership can't figure it out!

check transmission fluid almost empty, where do I add fluid, I normally work on my dodge truck butthis car is like a crazy puzzle, checked the manual, only shows the dipstick for checking...

audio changes from cr to af fm tape all by it's self

Driving down the road in drive about 30 mph, the check engine light came on and the transmission quit working. Still works in reverse. Fluid level was as it should be. 120k miles on vehicle.

i see and smell what appears to be coolant seeping thru my drivers side floor board and when air or defrost is on i can smell antifreeze

2005 Kia Amanti. I had codes P0401,P0174 and P0171. I did change mass Air flow sensor, Egr vacuum switch, Egr valve , clean the egr tube ,put new egr hoses,change Map sensor ,change timing belt,water pump and so on...I change some of that because was time.
I need HELP... !!! After I did all that...I did clear the codes . Hard to start /crank...After start ... the car drives the same like when I started the problems. Nothing change. When engine runs and I stop the car wants to move/go and the engine runs with rough idle, misfiring, hesitation , lack of power and sometimes stalling.
The code came again but just one , P0401 . Can you tell me how to fix it or what do you think is the problem?Any professional suggestion or answer ? We did try everything...

At first it felt like it might b low on fluid, it has been once before, but I checked it and it was fine. However, there was a lot of build up of black gunk around where you fill it. The next time I drove it was worse. I would make a right turn and it wanted to stay to the right and I was unable to turn it back straight, until I stopped put the car in reverse and straighted the wheel. I drove and have not drove it since.

My 05 kia sounds like it's always on high rpm which I can't tell because my tach is not working. But when I put it on manual trans it does shift. It starts making the noise once I hit 30mph and if I turn left it becomes quiet. It is loud and annoying. I don't know what else is causing the noise. Thanks in advance.

About two days ago I got my car back from Kia for a timing belt replacement and a power steering pump replacement. Now my car is sound heavy even in park and I hear a loud screeching noise when I turn the wheel really hard to the right. Is there anything thing they could have done while doing the replacements to have casued these new noises? Please help. I am so upset. Thanks in advance for any ideas.