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Also have cylinder 1, 3 & 5 misfire also detected. Have replaced coil packs, plugs, cleaned injectors. Any ideas?
when I start the car its as if the idle wont keep the car running, but its not when the car is warmed up it runs great when the gages are in the middle between hot and cold, and sometimes I smell a burning smell but I also didn't fix the gasket oil leak is this something that's going to cost a lot I had a mechanic say its electrical and that he didn't want to touch it to bring to jaguar, what should I do waiting.
I'm thinking about purchasing a remanufactured ABS module lifetime warranty for 299 is that a good price also what is labor cost to replace the ABS looks like a fairly easy job other than bleeding the brakes.can my local mechanic do it a lot cheaper than the dealership
This piece on my 2003 xtype is cracked and my antifreeze is leaking. It is a T shape piece in front right under the air filter box. It connects two hoses from one end to the other end. Can anyone tell me what this piece is called? I have photos that I can share
My brake light has been on for year so I replace the front brakes and rotors light is still on so I replace one rear caliper and the rear brakes now have a hardpedal and my brakes are locking up also replace the master cylinder now I have a code that says my ABS is disabled and my brake light is still onmy brakes were working fine until I had two different mechanics work on it what is wrong with my vehicle
Will I need new keys also and if so, will I have to replace the door locks? Also, what will be a rough estimate for the total cost for everything, if the locks and keys need to be
Just bought car 2 months ago, running great. Then suddenly drive and reverse went out while driving on the interstate. Engine runs but car want move. Mechanic says intermediate shaft broke in transmission. Says it's a common failure.
Have a small leak but car company said it wasn't necessary at this time.
Tried to pull off, put my foot down on the accelerate, the gear box was already in drive because its an automatic, put my foot down and the gear box clunked and I couldn't move anywhere
I had my transmisson replace for this reason yet I continue tohave this problem. Rpm and shifting are normal. What can the issue be?
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