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It cuts off when i stop first it revs or gas up and then cuts off but runs in neutral

When I had my spark plugs changed it was oil in the stocket ,how too correct this please and the costs in Atlanta,ga

car has 80,000 mileage and I can sometimes go longer without needing to drive somewhere.

Upon noticing that I had it place on the computer to see what else was going on, and six different codes came up.These are the codes p1285, p1299, p1587, p1131, p1383, p1388. I don't have any idea about these codes. I would appreciate it very much if you could tell what is causing these problems.

my passenger side seat belt won't pull out. I adjusted the seat and it locked. Never happen before, I have not been in a accident.

just happened yesterday no warning!

first time this happened,car was running fine shut it off for 10 min. would not start back up. no codes are showing,getting fuel,dont seem to be getting power to coil packs

Sounds like air is coming out somewhere plz help

is the clutch master cylinder on an s type jag changed from inside the car (by the pedals) or under the bonnet

this is an intermittent problem, Which clears when engine restarted. Whilst on engine has power loss.

Gas pedal stops responding suddenly. Garage says throttle positioning sensor
is indeed culprit after quick check. Dealer service says to put on a new throttle
body for a huge amount! Confused. Is the TPS available separately for this
Model/2007? Or is it sold only together as one part? Thanks.

hard shift for about a year then fail safe engine mode warning came on& went off, checked codes said throttle position censor & DSC codes &tried to clear. DSC would not clear then DSC amber flashing on dash and hard shift went away. flashing DSC would not clear. did recalibrate and cleared DSC but hard shift returned. 2 Transmission experts say not trans. had TPC replaced hard shift still present? Baffled

after overnite parking or not driving for a day or two the key will not start the car. thought was the battery so got new battery, worked for 2 days then again key will not start the car. what is the problem?

Left brake light warning light is on, need to repair bulb

For a few weeks, I was getting a gearbox fault. And when the fault occurred the car immediately went into limp mode. It would accelerate at a speed of 10 miles per hour while in drive. When I pressed the accelerator, that did not change anything. So I would turn the car off, wait 3 minutes, turn the car back on and it would be fine. Four days after my last gearbox fault, I started the car, and proceeded to reverse the car, I reversed the car out of my drive way and it automatically went into neutral by the time i reached the end of my drive way. I kept trying to reverse the car, but it would not move in reverse. The shifter can shift to reverse but when given gas, the car remains in neutral when in reverse. The other forward gears work just fine. I called my local Jaguar dealership, and they said if there is no visible tranny leaks, then the tranny needs to be replaced for $9K which is more than the car is worth. I had my local mechanic look at it, and he stated he cannot access the transmission to even check for low fluid, and that the car needed to be repaired by the Jag dealer.

solenoid C

I will like to know how do i get the cannot apply parking breaks off the dash board

I have had all eight of them replaced plus thousands in repairs made to no avail. The engine still misses and sometimes completely loses power. The car is essentially unusable like this. It has been an ongoing battle for two years. Another mechanic is convinced the computer is the problem. Is that likely before I spend more money?

I am also replacing all ball joints. Will the front springs also need to be compressed to accomplish this.

Everytime I would stop at a red light and press the gas pedal after when it hit green it would turn on showing me the following meseges
engine system fault, park brake fault & dsc not avilable lights were flashing which caused the car to completely loose power. Could drive at a slow speed only. Less than 10mph what is the cause of it and how to fix it PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAPP PLEASE THANK YOU

While applying my brakes at a stop sign, the car went into a malfunction, causing the car to involuntarily accelerate. putting both feet on the brake did not slow it down. Car was reving at a high speed on to incoming traffic. I needed to crash into something in order to stop the car. Terrifying. Everything in this car is electronicly controled. Brakes, gas, etc.



Add a Gallon of water, overnight it leaks out slowly but cannot see any evidence in driveway of leakage. When started water blows out exhaust, but otherwise runs smooth. Inside valve cover near breather, sign of water-yellow top of cover only. But otherwise does not seem to mix with other oil in valve area. No sign of water in oil pan on dip-stick. What do you think is happening?

Ok I have a 2000 s-type jag the ABS light comes on and off at times and when it comes on my braking the paddle is hard to stop it vibebrates . Also the car goes into traction mode on it's own please help of what I need to check I just did the front brakes with new pads and rotors

I recently had an OBD done and it shows my engine light is a product of my oxygen filters, and it was recommened by the mechanic to probably replace my mass overflow filter. So, I would like to know where it is located on my car.

When I drive it it makes a ticking noise it has power i had the rocker arms replaced the noise didnt go away now i am going into the motor to get a vavle job would this solve the promblem ?

compressions detail

horn don 't blow. I check all fuses seem to be good. Replaced battery. What will be the cost. Can it be the module or the brake fault motor?

my jag is a very good car imported from Dubai and the second owner i need some answers to how i can fix my new fan belt