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Not every day but now fauksafe engine mode comes on and off
my A/C isn't blowing cold and need to refill it but I don.t know where to plug it in.
Ac get worm when stopping at lights
I noticed some coolant under my jaguar s type so I took it to the shop and they replaced the water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing and belt. Now when I first start driving it when it is cool (sitting overnight) it overheats within a couple of blocks but if I start it and let it idle until the temperature guage gets warm (right in the middle) then drive it, it's does fine. The shop that repaired it said they have never seen anything like this before and have no idea what's wrong with it.
I drove thru huge pool of water . had problems right away . and car after I parked it kept coming back on fan all by its self now when it runs its rough and engine light comes on and car says reduced performance
And it miss fires at a idle and the engine light is on ?
at first is was the right front now all doors will not lock
It happens every morning especially if its cold out until engine is at operating temp. Engine light is on an codes say both banks are running below efficiency.
Towed it home, no crank, its completely dead. Nothing happens when I turn the key. Batteries new, and it is charged.
The RH low beam headlight is too high, can't seem to adjust it with the leveling actuator.
diagnostic code says knock, light is yellow and intermittently restricted performance message, sometimes both message and check engine light goes off
When driving ~ 30mph, all of a sudden it feels like the emergency brake is engaging on and off for a period of sometimes 2 minutes. It continues to drive in a straight line, but slows down each time it engages and makes a growling sound. Does not happen all the time, worse when it is first driven in the day.
After starting my car when I try to shift from park to drive the shifter stays stuck in park.
I get these messages as soon as I turn on the key.
We thought it was a sensor that was broken but it could be a fuel pump
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