Hyundai XG350 Questions

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The Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) has come on and will not go out. What does the MIL problem indicate?
Need step by step instructions for changing my alternator on my 2003 hyundai XG350 ,4dsd
Cigarette Lighter Not Working, Checked Fuses
Can't find location. Think it is under back seat but cannot get to it.
when trying to accelerate car bogs and has no power
Need to feed a wire through the back side of the trunk. Want to mount a camera on the flat area between the two license plate lights.
It just happened tonight!
Code said something about throttle pedal.

Wondered if it is the computer?
I also noticed the abs or some letters come on every once in awhile. Is this my breaks the new red light with x through lightbulb is coming on every time i put bteak on with foot. Just started last night 2-19-2016
Climate control does not function while beeping is going on. Seems to be more and more frequent. Works fine after beeping stops.
Checked fuses and dimmer switch but still cant find the problem. Any suggestions?
having problems with a fuse under the bonnet it's a ign sw-01 (pink fuse with 30 written on it) the fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and leave it then go to start it clicks the. Won't start my Hyundai 2003 grandeur xg ??????
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