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I need to test starter
brake lights stay on and front amber parking lights r on also why?
when I am driving it idle normal but when I stop it idle high and if I drive it a kilometre it start raving high and low
ac fan blower works & blows real good & cold as it should, but very little air coming out vents,can even hear it blow strong.been told that a filter may be stop up ,but can't find it,also been told ductwork may have come loose & fell down.what else can it be & what do I need to do to fix problem???problem happens every time blower is turned on for ac,heat,or defrost.
fuel system cleaned. But every time I top off my fuel tank and go over the line and drive a short distance the engine starts running rough and the CEL starts flashing I shut off the engine and the light comes back on for a fewseconds and goes out as normal. In between fillups the Car seems to run fine. The CEL does it normal off and on.
Due to leaking fluid, I replaced the output shaft seal on pass-side, added a couple of qrts & the seal failed after a month. I noticed that I can move the half shaft up & down about a quarter inch at the seal & when put in R from P a slight knock. Despite the leak & knock it drives like it's a new car. What does the lil wiggle room tell you? (I have torqued the axle nut to Hyundai specs.) Do I need a new seal and a output shaft seal repair sleeve to take up slack or is a bad disc? Don't want to remove it if I don't have to. Thanks
I noticed today my car is still consuming a lot of gas
my question is I need to reset the computer in my car after the "check engine" signal is gone already in order to function correctly ?
My passenger power window does not operate with either the driver or passenger side controls. All fuses checked out OK. What do I do to isolate what needs to be fixed without having to pay a dealer $$$$$ to do it?
2003 Hyundai Accent no brake power. Began as screeching/grinding sound on front passenger side with or without applying brake foot pedal. Some pulsing occurred for short time. Now all brake power for car is gone and brake sensor light is on. Emergency brake still works.
Right window will not operate with either right side switch or driver's switch and all fuzes are good. Never had a problem with them before.
When speed is on 3 or 4
Sound comes on hills sometimes at slow take off too. Tried different gas, new plugs, air filter. The funny thing is that in the morning when it's cool outside it doesn't do it, only when it hot outside, when I leave work you can hear it. At 1500 to 2000 rpm. Help
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