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card died no check engine light after firestone said they cant fix on post sent to dealer for repair. they told me timing belt had teeth missing had 20% compression in one cylinder. thing he said needs to be fixed is timing belt, cylinder head gasket kit (head was not cracked ) exhaust intake valve replaced gave estimate of 1,738.00 plus tax total 1,890.00. this seems a little steep. Is it? he told me one part was being sent out and would cost him 350.He seemed to hesitate when I told him I was using online website for estimate. Any advice on what these repairs should cost in Manhatten Kansas (dick Edwards on hwy 24)

I need to know what to do. I had the oil change and I also put this gas cleaner in the gas before filling it up. Can that be the problem, it was not doing that before

Im just wondering if the shock absorbers necessarily have to be replaced or can they be oiled or greased when there is a graunching noise. Also, the car jerks a little between the 2nd and 3rd Gear. Had new sparkplugs put in and replaced leads. Still does it at the speed of 40-60kmph. Would appreciate any answer. thanx

Mostly occurs when turning the wheel to the right side. Could the problem be the front axle ?

replaced coils plugs and wire but still no spark

axle boot is split!

When I start my car in the morning I hear a sound as it's idling then another sound when I back out of my prkg spot. I will drive about a block, maybe less, and the noises stop. I won't hear them again until the next morning.

I also want to thank you all for your help with my previous problem. It ended up being the exhaust leak at the crimp of the pipe that caused my engine light to go on. I passed my emissions, YAY!!!!

Mechanic says I need a new motor but the car runs good...It takes 4 or 5 shifts before I get up to 100 kilos per hour but I can live with that...

Already spent 150 to replace exterior driver door handle. Can't afford to have done at Hyundai repair shop. Already bought the new handle. Just need instructions as to how to take door apart, etc. Thank you so much.

when the temperature is in normal level while the aircon is on.

specially when the engine temperature is in normal

I've just noticed that my maintenance schedule requires service at 7,500 miles OR 6 months, whichever comes first. But when I went online to look into this, I stumbled upon a Hyundai maintenance schedule that only gives intervals by mileage. I don't drive that much, and have already gone a couple weeks past the 6 month mark . . . does anyone know if I'm at risk of voiding the warranties? Thanks!

even if in 1st gear mostly when the engine is hot

The other day I was using my wipers and I heard a snap and they some how came loose from what's making them move. I'm not a big car guy but I can do simple fixes. I checked the nuts holding the arms down and they are tight, any ideas what it may be. And how to fix it. Thanks

10.6v going into coil but have no spark

They are for a 2002Hyundai Accent 4-door. Will i be needing some sort of sensor or something. Do I need to buy a new steering wheel with the air bag.

When I put my car in reverse or park from drive it pops and sometimes jerks

I had two bosch O2 sensors put in my car and neither worked. I was then told that only a Hyundai dealer O2 sensor would work. Well it did for about 6 days. I had the exhaust smoked in case it was not the O2 sensor and maybe an exhaust leak. There was no leak and as far as I know the same code P0133 keeps coming up. This is at AutoZone's test and mechanics full diagnostic test. I'm perplexed and do not want to go back to mechanic without knowing what is going on. Please help!!!! Thanks

I have got a hyundai atoz when I start it up its fine when I change gear its fine but when the car is moving it makes a whining noice but when I put my clutch it it seems to go away can some one tell me what it could be please?

when the car is running or when I am driving. And I was wondering what it might be....

this car doesn't have speed it doesn't have power the engine makes noise when idling and it takes a lot of fuel. i recently changed the oil, plugs, air filter, oil filter and petrol filter and it didn't solve the problem. i took the cylinder head for scheming, changed rings and gaskerts still no change. it's a fuel injected engine.

the heater take a long time ( about 30 min) to give a medium hot air in the's not enough in a low temperature

I am interested in knowing what the cost should be for the Hyundai 30,000 maintenance check, as I called Toyota and they quoted $209.95 and the Hyundai quoted over $500 dollars, do not know why it would cost that much and when looked on the internet the list of things that are stated that is done for the 30,000 mile maintenance is much more then the dealership stated they were doing for the 30,000 mile maintenance, why would this cost more than any other car when my car is just the cheapest Hyundai you can get, appears to be a scam when you get your car fixed and parts are under warranty and you do not pay, but then they get back at you by quoting over $500.00 ?????

My battery recently died so I got a new one from Canadian Tire. I went to place the battery in and when I hooked it up my car starter started to kick in and the headlights and tail lights started going on and off every one second. Now I have pulled the fuse for my starter and when I reconnect the battery the starter doesn't go but the lights keep flashing on and off. I'm at a loss here at what to do. Can anyone help me?

when it shifts out of first gear it stops moveing until it almost stops and then goes back into gear

transmission will not shift out of 3rd gear. trying to troubleshoot and all solenoids have power at the same time. had an engine code that indicates shift solenoid a. replaced solenoids and cleared code but still will not shift.

the coil pack to the spark plugs so i was if anybody could help me out with and is there any way to test a coil pack on it

can you list causes and symptoms for the check engine light?

Check engine light kept coming on and when the vehicle is taken in, the technician cannot find a problem (typical). The vehicle has been taken to a Hyundai dealership for the same problem more than three times. The last time a coil was changed, the check engine light does not come on anymore, but the car continues to backfire.

drive cycle test all performed excepte evap monitor and catalyic converter