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I have had an issue that started with my back up lights not working. I checked all the fuses and changed all the bulbs and they still wouldn't work. That issue was a while back. Recently my turn signals stopped working, and that was due to the back up light fuse blowing. Everytime I switch out the fuse it keeps blowing, and now it's blowing my cluster so I gas gauge, temperature, and speedometer don't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated on where to look for the issue. Thanks!

code p1361 car will have no power all of a sudden.Happens once in awhile.

I have a Civic LX and my check engine came on then five min. later the gas gauge went from half a tank to past the full mark and stay there. Any ideas?

my car is making a noisy sound all the time from the engine. I believe is a problem with the power steering. When I turn the wheels the noise is more noticeable. can you help me? my email is

Experiencing frequent loss of air pressure in the front tires of my car. What's causing it?

Both my high beam headlights are not working. Replaced both headlights. Anything else I can check before replacing the switch?

How do i get rid of my warning engine light on my dashboard

car making noise while engine start

finished working on a friends car...started mine and proceeded to drive away. he promptly called me to tell me that my taillights just quit working. i have headlights but nothing else as far as exterior wiring. so basically i have brake lights and taillights or parking lights....everything else works as supposed to...
i insert a new 10a fuse and as soon as i turn on the headlight switch it blows...iv attempted to trace out the visible grounds and only have the hidden ones (ie behind dash) left...does anyone have any idea on what the cause could be or how to fix or bypass headlight switch altoghter...

left side has a knocking noise if you need a wheel alignment does that make a weird noise too?

When it rains water gets in my trunk could it be from my sunroof drain holes?

not moving forward when select drive, only when select revers
it move

I checked the air pressure in all 4 tires and added a little air to each. Manual says if indicator does not reset, visit the dealer. Any way I can reset it?

would water in the trany make my automatic trans inoperable?

My 1997 Honda Civic, got hot but did not overheat. Finding no problem with the cooling system, the Honda dealer did an air test and said the head gasket was leaking. BUT recommended against replacing the head gasket because it would cause it to start to burn oil badly. He said this is due to the high mileage, 174,000. Is that right? Why is that? Thanks.

I want to replace my coolant (antifreeze) and would like to know if there is a engine pitcook for draining the coolant. And if so, where is it located? I know about the one on the radiator, but is there another one? Also, what else should I be aware of before I start the process?

i recently replaced my transmission, and my car was running ok, then on my way home my car just cut off. I put the car in park and tried to restart it but it wont start. the check engine light and the green square light around the D comes on for a couple secs then cuts off. and this happens everytime i tried to start it. what's wrong?

This is periodical need I assume. I am hoping to prevent cupping of my tires

check engine light comes on code 0325 knock sensor. replaced knock sensor and checked electrical connections car seems to run fine.just put jdm engine in could this be a bad motor or am i missing something?

It is my understanding that the use of a special machine is necessary to perform a brake fluid flush. I had the service done at the Dealer 2.5 years ago and I was charged $100 dollars. I called the same Dealer this week to request the same service and this time the service costs $50 dollars. When I mentioned that I had called other places in town and I had been quoted $145, I then asked the service advisor why they were charging less than every one else in town, and he responded that the others charged more because they were using "the special machine" but that it was not necessary to perform the service using that machine and that's the reason their price was only $50. Now I'm confused and don't know who to believe. Can you please tell me which is the correct way to perform a brake fluid flush so that I can make an informed decision and won't be taken for a ride as females usually are? Safety is my concern, not the cost.

Thank you,
Ms. Munoz

i was trying to sale my Honda civic 2000 the customer was cheking it i started the car then the customer unpluged one cable from the spark plug then the car cut off now it wont start do you think it is the distributor or just the Ignition Coil or something else? thank you so much

When moveing off car shakes at about 20mph ,but stops as speed increses.

When moveing off car shakes at around 20mph but stops as speed increses.

2004 Honda Civic; the mechanic says he sees the begining of a tear in the boot of both lower ball joints, and wants to replace both boots, but not the joints. He sees no damage to the joints. Is it typical to just replace the boots?

I have a 2003 Honda Civic, I notice that it only takes a few seconds for my vehicle to warm up to normal. I can drive my vehicle for approximately 30 miles before I can see that it starts to over heat, once I exit the freeway it jumps all the way to the top. I have replaced the thermostat twice, just replaced spark plugs and had oil changed, not milky. No leaks found. My concern is what can make my vehicle reach normal temperature in just seconds. I can drive the vehicle sitting from over night and reach the normal temperature in under 5 minutes, no white smoke or anything

How to replace rear shocks?


i checked foer fuel in the line by the fuel filter and all the way arroun the intake and it shows gas flowing throug i also check for spark at the distrubuiutorcap and wires and add new ones along with spark plugs and still wont start

can anybody help me please

In the vehicle, i step out for 30 minutes, of course turned off, I get back in to start. I notice that a blue fragmented rubber is under clutch pedal. I check and sensor below dash is now with a disentegrated clutch piece, so i replace with small coin and tape. I figure fine, but car will not start... Is there a fuse for the clutch? Seem like car is needing the engagement of the clutch to start., I also tried a "jump" from an other vehicle. Well car got towed home. Thanks for your assistance

engine hard to start. engine cranks over, when it feels that the engine is about to catch the engine feels like it is "jumping", after a while the engines catches and runs, sometimes it dies after about three to four minutes and sometimes it stays on. Sometimes when the engine is hot, it starts right away. I adjusted the timing, replaced a bad distributor, spark plugs, a shorted intake air temp sensor, and a clogged fuel filter. I visually check that there is fuel getting into the fuel rail filter.