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It has been checked. (1st) they thought it was the unit. Ordered a new one, replaced it, still did the same thing. (2) replaced speakers, still goes in and out. (3) amplifier checks out okay. It appears when it is going in and out that it is shorting out because sometimes it doesn't go completely out at first, it cracks as though it is shorting out. Then it goes out. You can cut it off and turn back on in a few minutes and it will play fine, but within a few minutes it starts doing the same thing again. I've been out over $500 so far and still the problem is not fixed. They are stumped. Please help.
Defrost will work occasionally. Fuse for a/c melted?!
If you have the heat on will not switch to air but if you switch and then shut the engine down for 3 or 4 hours it will switch.
I have a 5.3 that has a ticking noise on cold start.Goes away shortly.All else is great no oil usage etc.
A week ago car showed code P0171. Shop cleaned throttle body, found no vacuum leaks, and cleared code. One week later engine light came on, code was P0741. Shop diagnosed as the torque converter solenoid was stuck in the "on" position, so needs replacing requiring opening up trans to access.
My 99 Yukon has brand new tranny and motor. Was driving and it suddenly cut out like it was going to die and running rough. Got it home and it started misfiring and making ping and pang sounds. Checked fuel pressure wasn't fuel pump. Changed all plugs, wires, and replaced fuel filter. Checked distributor and it was good. It seems to be getting fire. What could be the problem? I was told since the check engine light isn't on I couldn't hook it up to a diagnostic computer to run codes. Please help!
the head gasket is blown in the 1997 yukon and i found a 1996 with a good motor will i be able to put the motor in the 97 ?
When I drive my truck the gears starts off shifting to 1 rpm then 2nd but when it gets into 3rd gear it doesn't shift back down to 2nd gear it stays in 3rd gear wouldn't go over 30 miles per hour.
When am driving this just started that security light, low fuel , and service 4wd comes on when am driving I just got a new engine put in????
When I'm driving the truck the shifting starts off at 1 rpm then shift to 2 rpm after it shifts to 3 rpm it doesn't want to shifs back down it gets stuck it wouldn't go over 30 miles per hour.

Tires also are losing air in one tire. This happens alot when a bump is hit or come to a stop or turning the steering wheel. Also the check 4 wheel drive light just started coming on and it has only happen once so far.
I have a very high idle speed, the tach. and speedo. appear to be dead (even after instrument cluster being replaced), i have to manually shift the trans due to it not shifting on its own and also not engaging into over drive. With the key in the "on" position, motor not running, the instrument cluster indicates what gear the shifter is in (i.e. 1st thru drive) but with the motor running it no longer indicates the gear. I have no idea what to look for any longer.
Somehow it changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius and I can't figure out how to turn it back. Also, my steering wheel buttons aren't hooked up to my stereo system. I bought the car used and it has a Bose touch screen system in it so I don't know if that is what was originally in it. Any clues on how to get both of those things to work?
My car has the twist switch on the dash to engage 2wd, Auto, and 4wd. The vehicle engages in 2wd and the Auto slip with no problems, but it will not engage in 4wd. What is causing my 4wd not to engage?
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