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how do i loosen shaft nut between fan and pulley on pump ?

no start as a result of weak battery, new battery installed , but no crank. NO COMMUNICATION TO SCANNER in Global OBD11 WITH CAN communication cable,and key #20

Oil pressure gauge is registering almost 80. Is this something to be concerned about? Oil was changed about 1 month ago and gauge just started registering high.

the correct measurement on both tie rod ends

When air conditioner is turned on it blows cold air on passenger side and hot air on driver's side. Previously, after turning off ignition and restarting the A/c would work fine. Now, it won't correct itself...blows very hot on driver's side and cold on passenger side. How can this be fixed and how expensive? Thanks.

steering locking up when cutting wheel to the left ocassionally and shutting engine off battery light comes on?

How do I change a rear running light bulb on my 2002 Yukon?

I am attempting to replace a camshaft sensor for my mom and dad. I can't find consistent information on where it is located. Where is it and how can I get to it and how do I know I have the right part when I disconnect? Pictures would help a ton!! They have a 5.3 L engine.

I need to replace my Air Conditioning Belt on my 05 Yukon. Should I replace any of the tensioners too? I am a recovering toyota addict and know that when I replace the timing belt you always replace the tensioner - is there something similar with the GMCs serpentine belts?

Backup lights not working. Auto trans. Replaced bulbs, checked fuse ..suspect the backup switch Where is it located?

repair time for driverside valve cover gasket for gmc yukon.

Hi..I have a 95 GMC Yukon..failed the low idle portion of the test (NJ) Reading was 726...Standard is 220..Co% reading was .73..standard is 1.20...The truck passed the high idle portion of this test..Just wondering what I can do to bring it down..egr valve was replaced exactly 4 years and about 30,000 miles ago..converter was replaced 2 years ago..however..the repair shop put on smaller exhaust pipe and a generic (small) converter. they did the last emissions test for state inspection, so I dont know for sure if it passed, for all I know they put the wand into another vehicles tail pipe..anyway, just need to know besides a basic tune up what I should do?

Whats the spark plug gap and torque numbers for 5.3?

A loud roaring noise is coming from the back of the truck when I accelerate. When the speed of the truck reaches 55-60 the roaring stops, as soon as the speed is reduced and acceleration takes place the loud roaring noise returns. Please help!!! What is happening?

All mechanics in town have worked on it, keep insisting no problem yet I have to keep adding anti freeze. I spent loads of money on this vehicle one mechanic taking everything out and replacing it back and yet it still burns anti freeze. Should I trade this in, they say no!!!

when wiper fluid is put in reservior, it flows straight through to the ground. Hose was replaced, but dealer said it was the pump and needs to be replaced. What should be the cost?

Is it difficult to replace the power steering hose myself

Do you just replace shocks or shocks and struts?

I have a 92 youkon and the flywheel is broke but i need to know what type of transmission i have so i can fix the problem.

Our 2002 Yukon has 74,000 miles. Recently, it's started a worrisome thing. When we accelerate from a full stop, for example at a traffic light, the car seems to make little "chugging" type noises. My husband describes them as almost like little hiccups -- not the sound, but the frequency because they aren't constant and once you get above about 15 mph they stop. We've noticed that this only happens in 4WD, not 2WD,and it seems to be getting more frequent. Accelerating quickly or slowly doesn't seem to matter. We've had our service station look at it 3 times and they can't find anything and say the car is in great shape. What should we do?

My air conditioniner only works on high speed and it blows a little bit when ur on the highway and does not always work the rear air always works good though

Only a very small amount of fuel comes out of the line when I turn the ignition. I can hear the pump, so I guess
it is not the pump relay.

Could the pump be bad if I can hear it? (only stays on
for about 5 seconds)

Oh, I have opened up the fuel line between the tank and
the filter, so the filter is out of the system.



do you have a diagram on the procedure to r&R evaporator?
I am going to do this project my self as I have more time than money.

While we were out or town "service 4wd" light came on. It had done this before when we hadn't used the 4WD in a while, so on a back road in Yellowstone we shifted into 4WD Hi and Low, everything did fine and went back into 2 normaly. Warning went off. The morning we were going to leave to head home we loaded up and put the vehicle in reverse to back out of parking place and the transfer case was in neutral. Would not go into 2WD immediately. We shifted into 4Hi then to 2WD, backed up to unlock 4WD and everything seemed to be fine. When we were two blocks from hotel, pulling onto the interstate it shifted back into neutral. After conferring with our family-all of whom are in auto repair-we drove home in Auto 4WD. When we got home transfer case would shift into and out of Auto, 2WD and 4Hi seemingly normaly-just would not stay in 2WD. Trying to shift into 4Low it would clunk like in tried to shift in and then back out. On dealer recommendation replaced transfer case when that didn't solve the problem replaced accuator. Now we seem to have Auto 4WD (at least in the 2WD app) and 2WD. Wont shift now into 4Hi or 4Low. No codes show. Any suggestions?

is the manufaturer responsable for bad cadillac converters up to a certain year our yukons only 8 years old. is there a recall?

I have a 1993 GMC Yukon. The rear hatch (upper window) will not open. The relay kicks on like it is unlatching, but when the switch is released the latch sounds like it is closing again. Where is the motor located for the latching mecanisim? Also is there a possibility that it is in the switch or one of the relays?

What type of shop should I go to to get my pins an bushings replaced on my front driver and passenger doors? How much should this cost?

there is a draw on the battery after every thing is shut down. Has already ruined one battery which was installed in April 2010

no brake lights, what do you take off to check brake light bulbs

ive replaced the distributor, timing chain and put a new pickup sensor on the distibutor but still no luck in it running what else could be the problem?