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I replaced control panel. Charges the a.c. up not leaking. Compressor is good but clutch eint kick power to the compressor or canister

Must move cable before starting each time. How do I find out which part number I have two options.

Just bought it today. And shifting into 2nd gear (auto) jerks pretty hard.

battery light comes on and instrument panel goes dead. when you shut the key off and turn it back on the system all comes back online.

Sierra 1500

Check engine light on

I was surprised to hear about a 170 dollar normal maintenance issue Head Cleaning? What is this?

I replaced my transfercase but still says service 4X4, my push button indicator Lite's don't come on and it's like it's stuck in low gear. How do I fix this?

Checked plug with power probe no power at passenger low beam plug . Relay seams to be working I get power to the high beam plug when the high beams are turned on but nothing when there off

I have a 2017 GMC elevation series truck and I would like to add radio controls to the steering wheel. Would buying a new steering wheel work?

FOB transmitter (0-GM904F) programmed correctly but does unlock/lock door. Maybe receiver is problem but cant find it in passenger door.

Engine sputter after heating up, keeps cracking spark plugs, losses power and engine light comes on. Replace spark plug 1 and runs good for about 2 weeks and it happens again

I was driving it and it died at a stop sign,it has gas. It turns over but won't start, I removed gas cap and listened for fuel pump and its working. Any suggestions?

when you use the brakes, door locks go up and down, cruise - will brake itself, hazards come on with brake or turn signal....stupid ghost stuff. no consistency

Blew hot air off and on before

Going around a curve to the right, the steering wheel will operate smoothly until it reaches a point of resistance until I break through it. It'll then operate smoothly until I reach that one small point of resistance again. No noise or vibrations.

I just installed one on my truck and all it does is turn over. And it seems like the new key and cylinder are getting stuck on the on position, causing the new starter not to disengage

I cleaned ground wires but still wont shut off unless I disconnect battery cable. there is 660,000 km on truck. engine still runs perfect. need help thanks..

Replaced transmission and I get no power to the output shaft. No error codes. Pulled transfer case and I can see the output shaft move. With transfer case in I was able to get the output of the tc to roll until accelerator is used and then it stops until you let off and truck is idle. Fluid is good, filter replaced.

What is the issue. ?

oil leaking from oil filter, oil filter is on snug, its a 2'' puddle of oil after a drive out. no oil beyond the oil filter. could oil pressure switch be bad? if its the main seal, where else would see oil?

Position. Because I hear a grinding noise when the engine is running, when I press the brake pedal the notice stops, how do I fix that. ?

It in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or reverse. How do I fix that problem.?

Greatly appreciated, thank you and it's hard to shift into gear

I put gas in it a few gallons I don't know whether as much fuel pump relay or a bad fuel pump or just air pockets in my line

Got the "service 4wd" light, the lights on the switch wouldn't work, also stuck in 2wd. I replaced the fuse, the actuator, and disconnected the battery to try and reset it. The switch still won't work, and still stuck in 2. Probably just need a new switch too? Kinda broke tho and don't want to drop $$ for a switch if it is something else.

i cannot find out definitely if i can use platinium replacement spark plugs in my 2004 gmc sierra 1500 5.3L engine. is it ok to use platinium plugs as opposed to iridium?

I put in a motor, but it doesn't want to start by itself, I did get it started by passing it thru the fuse box in the engine compartment

Super easy without any pressure

Mine didn't. Now what can I do or what are my options