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Hi guys I’m rizwan and I’m from United Arab Emirates I have my own and I need some help workshop I got a customers car GMC Sierra 2013 power door lock and unlock with remote and driver side switch but can’t lock from passenger side door switch only unlock I checked all the fuses and relay everything how much I knows thank you sir for your information
Ac on driver side and heat on passenger side at same time
My truck is a 2003 gmc Sierra 1500 and last night driving on highway past 60 65 mph my head lights and dash lights flicker.
I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE and put some music on a 3.73 GB USB, plug it truck and pops message up " can not read ". I can plug my iPhone 6 in, with MP3 cord and MP3 slot, stream Pandora etc., but won't play USB. It is formatted FAT32, don't know why, and internet gives no details as to why it is not compatible.
Having problem with my truck, started puttered out and now will not start. After turn the key on, the battery light flashes in the message center but then the security light comes on. It doesn't flash all the time and it doesn't stay on after my truck is off... is this a passlock issue? I tried the relearn 30 minute process, but the security message doesn't come off after 10 min. Again it only flashes on when my key is on the on position when I take the key out there's no message in the message center.
I used type F transmission fluid in my GMC sierra 1500, will everything be
I have a 05 gmc 2wd the trans is stuck in 3rd gear check engine light is on all 10 codes are pointing to all different things in the trans some days it shifts normal and some days it goes into limp mode so i started checking all connections found transmission oil in the sealed connector on shift module would this cause my problems and do i just need to replace my shift module any help would be appreciated no other noises
Hi there I got a Sierra gmc 2000 reverse lights not working checked all fuses and bulbs there not blown the wire tested the wires no power going to the reverse light wire what can it be?
My 2013 GMC Sierra won’t start or none of the gauges will come on like the fuel gauge when been sitten in the sun and heat but soon as it’s cools down or in the shade everything works fine
I have changed the ambient air sensor in front of the radiator and it still not working
I have a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab. I replaced rotors and brake pads and after driving for 10-15 minutes the front passenger side starts to shake the more I accelerate starting around 35 mph.
almost impossible to lock or unlock doors manually with the key
Have to remove msec fuse to kill engine
My truck was having a hard time cranking after the first crank of the day, occasional backfire causing smoke to come out from under hood and into cab, and had smell of gas in the cab. So I replaced my spider fuel injection(CPFI) with the updated Multiport Fuel injection(MPFI). Check engine light was on before replacing fuel injection. After doing so my Check Engine light is flashing and truck running poorly. Got code P1345. Took it to the dealership and they replaced the distributor to get it timed. They claim the distributor is "turned to the max, so the timing chain and cam gear is worn badly but in time @ 0 degrees". Truck is running NO differently. Then they tell me im not getting fuel to #1 and #8 cylinder. Codes reported are P0300, P0135,and P0141. Can someone please help?
Mechanic stated my fuel injectors needed to be replaced because it is a quote-unquote common problem for fuel injectors to break when the intake manifold is taken off to check for vacuum leaks.
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