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When I turn the key to start, the engine races so fast that I have to turn off the key to keep the engine from blowing up. Immediately leading up to this condition driving home, I noticed the car continued to accelerate when I applied the breaks, and I punched the accelerator pedal to try to "un-stick" it. It worked twice, but now there is no control with the pedal. It's as if there is no pedal, just open throttle. Could it possibly a broken throttle cable (if there is such a thing)?
The Dome lights work but the Digital Display is out..what (if any)
fuse would this mention of fuse for this in Owners manual!
Turn the key and there is always lights, dome light, radio and heater...but there is absolutely no sound from the engine. Can go back several hours later and it might start. Have changed the distributor and coil. Wonder if it might be contacted to the security.
I have the same problem as everyone else with a '02 Safari van. Door locks clicking all the time. Pass anger window won't go down and the air goes off when accelerating. Anyone ever solve these problums?
My antifreeze was pouring out. I paid $1763.94 to have the heater inlet and outlet hoses changed, as well as the clamps, water pump, oil cooler line and hoses. These repairs were supposed to "fix the leak", however ,it has continued to pour antifreeze out since i picked it up. At first no one would help me, then i was told that after diagnostic testing, i need to pay to get the core changed. When i complained, i was told the heater control valve was the cause of the leak and that part has nothing to do with the hoses. He specifically said that the valve was never touched or changed, and the hoses and clamps dont touch the valve. Is this true? Is it just a coincidence that the valve cracked within the first 24hrs of driving it? Not sure what else to ask. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
will a 1999 factory service manual be okay for a 2000
When I turn the key to start it, it's not until after I release the key that it wants to start. Does anyone have any suggestions?
clean sensor desconectand replug them still on
i only 79,000 miles on it
I came in from worked,Changed clothes,got back in my 1998 G.M.C. safari van. It would not start. I let it set til next morning. Still wold not start.
I pulled the cowling out of the center,changed cap and rotor.
still don't start.
I am getting fire from #1,but still will not start.
How do I find "TOP DEAD CENTER".
relay and same result, I need advice.thanks
That having been corrected, a couple of weeks ago it won't start in any weather. I never know whether it'll start or not. The fuel pump maintains a 60 psi. I turn the key and it turns over but won't fire. I do this a few times and it'll start sometimes. Other times I have to wait about 10-15 mins. before it'll start. Other times she'll fire right up with no problem. This happens on a cold start or after being driven. Any suggestions?
After years of my door looks clicking,not working all the time, and my air bag light stays on, the passenger window won't go down all the way, and is slow to go up .Out of the blue the door locks (even though they keep clicking) now work. And the A/C fan wont work in the front. 
Need upper and lower ball joints both sides. Idler arm and upper arm bushing repair.

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