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is stuck in all wheel drive and I need to replace it. What is the name of the part.
What could be wrong with my 2000 GMC Safari Minivan,2 WD? It has a PO175 code and a PO300 code from time to time. I have replaced a lot of things, but it still runs poor cold, better warmed up. Will drive down the road 80mph + but sputters, spits and bucks like a wild mule from 0-40 mph.
Tuned up engine then P0420 code
Cost to repair back door handle
Service engine light is not on?
My key is stuck in my ignition and I can turn it of so my car stays on and I can not turn it off. It won't go down and it's stuck period please help!!
I have a gmc safari check engine light is on. I can get through 1st and 2nd gear no problem but it get stuck in 3rd so please any help
Since this is a common problem has anyone fabricated or made available a handle that is stronger?
started out of the blue and is loping more than not???
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