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what can be done to fix this , how do you go about reprogramming the problem
My husband pulled up to assist me when he went to put it in park he couldn't it was in neutral and would not budge. I have no idea how it got onto neutral. This is the first time this has happened.
Already checked the fuse and it's good can't find the manual bottom to try that
I was told tranny was only used on that model year
I had previously had been emailing some one there and did let me know I had to do the reflashing of the suv and fix my throttle body but are you open saturdays
There isn't any sound coming from on star either.I recently hooking up speaker box and to factory stereo it played fine for few minutes then just went Solent now a lot of other things in truck acting up issue this all related
The fuse for the power seats overheats and at times the seats won't work. I have fuse out so it will stay in one location. Is this a possible short? If so where should I look for it.
Please help
I can't get to the fuse box because the rear driver swat is locked in place
The entire back of my vehicle had stopped functioning. I replaced the regulator on the window a couple yrs ago, and it looks like it's out again, but this time the back door/gate won't open either... Every where I've read shows they know there's a problem, so I was wondering if they issued a recall on them or not?
All my fuses good
My gas gauge is always on empty . Even when my tank is filled . I fill my tank use a trip meter because the gauge doesn't work .
When it's started the light battery light goes off and when I turn my truck off the battery light stays on
the wind broke the visor and all that was left was the brakelight
so I replaced battery in 2 keyless controllers and tried resetting like directions on you tube did not work cannot unlock doors with remote also my rear door does not lock and the wiper does not work either I unlocked rear latch by hand after i did that wiper stopped working at all and the rear back door will not lock even when I lock the doors with the lock switch on driver side door it only locks 2 front doors and 2 rear doors not the rear door
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