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odometer shows - - - - - - when key is on, can't get transmission out of park, can hear faint click when try to start
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
u can turn key nothing happens u can't take out of park either
What seems to make the problem better or worse? stays same
How long have you had this problem? today
Lost key to truck for over 10 years now - I need to change keys - I cannot release for key core - how do I get it out - in fact there is not a 1/8 hole to push. Help
How long have you had this problem? Over 10 years

How long have you had this problem? 2 days
I have been driving my 2000 Ranger 4.0 for about an hour, engine starts having smoke from the hood. Checked oil, down .5 qt, put some in. Not overheating and temp gauge not rising. Checked under hood after a few minutes of stopping and could only smell a bad smell. Nothing showing on fire or burning or overheating. What are these rangers know for when it comes to engine heating up? Thanks for your time.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Not sure
No matter what setting you put in on still blows to windshield
I pulled up to a friends house it ran great, i go to leave and its running so rough i cant even get down the street. Its backfiring thru the intake and the exhaust it coughs and sputters, absolutely no acceleration and then it dies. Its undriveable. I replaced the wires and plugs cleaned the MAF sensor and im about to put a new filter on. Seems to idle ok sometimes, until i put the manual trans into gear then it wants to die...sometimes i can keep it going by pumping the gas, litely pushing the gas or just keeping the gas pressed down to the floor. Othertimes it wont even idle just starts coughs sputters backfires and dies. I been having to take the bus to work and i really need to figure this out and get it resolved as its my only vehicle. Any help? Many thx.
The radiator is leaking? As long as I keep putting water in It, I can drive it. But I'm afraid I may make the situation worse since I don't know exactly know what the problem is.
is this some kind of warning or nothin to worry about
Oil gage jumping. Why will it do that
jumped from normal set up 1/4 back to normal back up 1/4 then back to normal it only done it one time so far
it jumps from normal range up about 1/4 way then back to normal then did it again ????
After it goes out temp and oil gages read normal
When brake pedal is engaged while braking it does not disegage it self when you let off the brake. What could the problem be??
Engine starts fine, under load it bogs and hesitates.when heavy acceleration, engine missfires. Spark plugs get carbon fouled.
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