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Yes, it has winter antifree in it now
New thermostat
Plug in block heater atm
Not sure ! What's making it overheat all of sudden.The check engine light has been coming off and on lately.park on a slight hill
its consistent the air I replaced and it worked for about three weeks then quite then no high beams replaced switch in column did not help went to scan for codes no power there to
I have no clutch peddle
It only runs on high it is not the switch inside all i get is high
Blew heater hose on Ranger, truck gradually lost power, then would not start. Motor turns over. Pulled spark plug wires on coil pack and it had moisture accumulated in plug hose. Could high temperature or high steam temperature cause coil pack failure?
I will be replacing my power steering pump this weekend. Right now it has Pennzoil ATF in it which states it is compatible with Dextron and Mercon applications. I was planning on using Mercon V but have heard Mercon and Mercon V aren't compatible together. Does anyone have any suggestions on this?
I have a 1996 ford ranger (4.0) 5 speed. Every fall/winter when it gets cold I hear a thumping noise when I start my truck. It never happens in the spring or summer. When I start up the truck sit idle, it thumps.
It won't go in 4 wheel drive at times, the light flickers comes on and goes out.
It just died going down the road! It still has battery power cause the headlights come on but when i turn the switch, nothing! No click, no nothing!
I have 45psi on the low side gauge/
4x4 does not engage i replaced the module switch and transfer case motor already. Try it no light no sound and it worked the other day,just nothing now
Does anyone know how to quieten the whine of a power steering pump? I have flushed and refilled the fluid. Added Lucas PS additive, still have the whine. The only reason I haven't replaced it is because I've heard even the new ones whine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
My truck is loud and it shakes. We replaced the air filter, fuel filter, plugs and wires. I added seafoam to the gas tank and nothing is helping. I have to keep my foot on the gas at all times or it dies. It doesn't go over 15 mph 95% of the time. What else could be wrong with it?
It sounds like keys jingling.both sides.all bushings and parts in frontend are new .when you go over bump it jingles.please help
My a/c blower quit,was going o check fuses but it cut back on when I hit a bump.but stayed off when I went to use truck again.won't work on any setting except when hitting a bump
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